Left Wing teens is a mailing list that I have started because I am unsatisfied with other political mailing lists for teenagers. Any progressive youth may join, no matter what gender, sexual orientation, religion, or ethnic background. The purpose of the mailing list is to discuss ways to eliminate intolerance in society, globalization, the deterioration of human rights and health care world wide etc. etc. etc. The list is small at the moment, but in time I hope to have a gathering of teens from all backgrounds to discuss ways to make the world more accepting, and of course how to piss off the religious right. ;)

I am your host, Dave Shorr, and I am very open to suggestions about this syte and mailing list.

Coolist, the OLD e-mail server has decided to be a piece of crap and shut down. So I had to move it to a new server. (Which is quite reliable)

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I plan to add much more resources to this page, but for now please be satisfied with these links until I get things going. I'd love your help in assisting my doing so.
An Open Letter To President Clinton


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