Aims And Principles

The Class War Federation is an organisation of groups and individuals who have come together to change the Society we live in, to improve the lot of working class people.

This Society is divided into classes based on control of its institutions and wealth. The Ruling Class - those who "own" the factories or natural resources - whether it’s through shares or being chairman of the board etc., who are under normal circumstances supported by the Middle Class - those who gain their position in society by patronage of the Ruling Class - who carry out their dirty work of controlling and (dis)organising the working class who do all the necessary work. Such a society is the root cause of most of the problems experienced by Working Class people the World over. as the Ruling Class has every intention of keeping its privileged position it must be destroyed- this is Class War.

Real change can only come about by working class people organising themselves to deal with the problems that they experience and to provide for ourselves.It is not about becoming better treated slaves but masters of our destiny. Direct action is necessary against the individuals and institutions who stand in the way of this. There is no alternative. Violence is a necessary part of the Class War - not as elitist terrorists but as an integrated part of the Class - they started it, we’ll have to finish it!

Class society creates other abuses based upon the prejudices of Ruling or Middle Class such as gender, ethnic origin, sexuality, disability. The Ruling Class often use these to divide our class. We must unite on the basis of we have in common our Working Class backgrounds and needs.

The Class must fight these divisions, on all fronts. Above all the CWF believes that politics cannot be separated from life - and life from politics. We reject the missionary/ righteous so called "revolutionary" Left. Our politics must be fulfilling and relevant to our every day lives.

Working Class people must take responsibility for their progressive revolutionary politics - fly by night middle class radicals have been the bane of our movement for as long as the Working Class has existed.


Therefore the aim of the CWF is to increase the militancy and self awareness of the Working Class in defending their interests and solving their problems. We do this through propaganda, active participation and debate as equals.

Last updated 25/9/97
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