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Following the reorganisation of the Fed, some local groups are still in a state of flux. The list below shows the regional groups who currently have an operational PO box. If no group in your area is listed, please either check back soon (this list will be updated regularly with the active groups as their contact addresses are sorted out), or contact London Class War via either the PO box or the hotline for further information.

London Class War
PO Box 467
E8 3QX

(also Dewsbury, Doncaster, Kent and Redhill at the London address for the moment)


Bristol Class War
PO Box 772
BS99 1EG


East Anglia Class War
PO Box 87


Manchester Class War
Dept. 81
1 Newton St.
Manchester M1 1HW
Tel: 0700 900 4698


Class War Hotline - (01582) 750601

Fax - (01737) 217599

Last updated 28/1/98
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