Dear Class War,

Now that Tony Blair has seemingly had a change of heart (bless him) and pledged to outlaw fox hunting, this is going to be met with huge protests from the Countryside Alliance. We need to undermine their activities in any way possible. Disrupt their meetings! Vandalise their HQ! Hack their computers! Jam their phone lines! We must not forget that these people are our class enemies.

Anarchist Lemming, London

PS I couldn’t help noticing in the picture that accompanied the ‘Wish You Were Here’ article, one of the anarchists was wearing a swooshtika on his cap. Was this meant to be ironic?

PPS I’d like to nominate my cousin (from the middle class side of our family we don’t speak to) for silliest name. Her name is Roseanne Tabitha Porteuse Thomson.


CW Replies:

Indeed, before we know it, our towns and cities will be overrun with these undesireables. There is only one course of action to take - Telling them in no uncertain terms to GET OFF OUR LAND!. For those who are interested in such activities, sending an email to Urban Response may well prove productive...

As for the swastika, I can't say I noticed, but will make sure to check the paper immediately, and inform the Class War Ministry Of Love as appropriate.

Last updated 20/7/99
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