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ULFA as a Revolutionary Organization
Qualification for membership

ULFA as a Revolutionary Organization

The nations of the world have been struggling for the restoration of own identity and total development. The history of struggle in real sense is the struggle of establishing justice against injustice and truth against untruth. Above all, a nation under foreign occupation have no alternative other than to fight for freedom and national liberation.

The " United Liberation Front of Assam, ULFA", a revolutionary political organisation was born on the lawns of the historic Rang Ghar of Sibsagar on 7th April 1979.


To liberate Assam, (a land of 78,529 square K.M.), through Armed national liberation struggle from the clutches of the illegal occupation of India and to establish a sovereign Independent Assam.

ULFA represents: ULFA represents, as its name implies, not only the Assamese nation but also the entire independent minded struggling peoples, irrespective of different race-tribe-caste-religion and nationality of Assam.

The struggle for national liberation of Assam never is a seperatist or secessionist movement:

Assam was never a part of India at any point of time in history. The fact is independent Assam has been occupied by India, and deploying occupation forces they are oppressing our peoples and persecuting them. ULFA itself and all freedom fighters of Assam are neither planning nor conspiring to break up India! We are not conducting any armed operation inside India. Freedom fighters of Assam are only trying to overthrow Indian colonial occupation from Assam.

The armed struggle for self-defence : a compulsive objective reality: The people of Assam are confronting with various problems. Among those, the National identity problem is basic. The communal riot that was followed by the partition of India and Pakistan was responsible for the influx of foreigners from the Indian sub-continent in large scale and thereby caused a real threat to the demographic composition of Assam. India has all along encouraged this influx because of a population base having ethnic affinity with main land India is always favourable to their long term security perspective. This is one of India's major aspects of colonial occupation of Assam.

In economic sphere, India has been engaged in large-scale exploitation. Despite its rich resources ,Assam remains one of the most backward states. Therefore, the question of real threat to the national identity of the people of Assam under the colonial occupation and exploitation of India has become the basic problem. As a whole, the problem has become a question of life and death to the people of Assam.

The people of Assam confronted with the aforesaid problems such as influx of foreigners and massive exploitation of its natural resources and determined as national identity problem after summing up them. Against the gross injustice for sheer survival as a nation, as a people and as individuals, the people of Assam many times launched democratic and unarmed peaceful movement. However, India ruthlessly suppressed and crushed them ignoring the value of democratic movement. Especially in 1979, democratic and unarmed peaceful movement against the influx of foreigners and economic exploitation, the occupation force of India killed seven hundred unarmed agitationists where the majority were teenage students. Though the people of Assam and leadership of the struggle have a strong stand for peaceful and amicable solution of the conflict, India has always been trying to force a military solution.

Thus the unarmed peaceful movement against the influx and economic exploitation transformed to an armed national liberation struggle. On 28 Dec'98, the Indian 'military operation' in Assam will be eight years old. The main intention of this operation is to suppress the legitimate aspiration of the people of Assam, and their basic and fundamental human rights i.e., national self-determination. There are endless lists of gross human rights violations during this period by Indian occupation forces. They have killed hundreds of innocent people, hundred more have disappeared in their custody and many of our womenfolk have been raped while many more hundreds have been severely tortured to become handicapped. It is the reflection of direct consequence of colonial repressive policy of India. Today, Assam is an occupied country under Indian's martial law and an undeclared war inside Assam is running on. Any thing may happen at any time inside this war theatre. Colonial India's this repressive policy compel to the freedom fighters of Assam to take up arms for self-defence . So, armed national liberation struggle of Assam is a democratic struggle for the survival of a Nation without any doubt .

Qualification for membership

Clause 1:- must be a permanent resident Assam. However, the volunteers from any other countries will be recognised conditionally.
Clause-2:- must has the firm determination to wage armed struggle until the successful conclusion of national liberation struggle.
Clause-3:- Must have the mental ability. Membership may be provided to the physically handicapped regarding their integrity.
Clause-4:- Must have maintained secrecy.
Clause-5:- must submit totally to the constitution of the party for the interest of the emancipation of Assam.
Clause-6:- must have the age above 18 years old. May be change with respect to time.
Clause-7: - Must be disqualified any person, addicted to porno book-magazine,cinema and ordinary songs.
Clause-8: - Mustn't take any intoxicating material.
Clause-9: - Must be disqualified for membership; anybody involved in the anti-social activities.
Clause-10:- Must disqualified for membership, anybody with Indian sentiment or spies of enemy side etc. however, if anybody submit himself totally to the constitution of the party or his severs all relations with other organisation, may be qualified for the membership through observation.
Clause-11:- every member of the party must be ready for any task and he/she must be whole-time worker.
Clause-12: - Must comply the responsibility of any appointment at any place heartily and without protest after receiving the membership.
Clause-13:-Irrespective of male or female, anybody will be illegible to be the member of the party.