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Resistance to the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq continues to be strong throughout California. Despite bad weather, demonstrations were held throughout the state on March 19 and 20 to mark the second anniversary of the occupation of Iraq.

The largest rallies were in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Eureka, Fresno, San Diego and San Jose, but smaller ones were also held throughout the state.

In Eureka, 2,000 people marched in pouring rain and gale winds. They sang, chanted and danced as they marched through the city with drums and a band.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, Local 10 of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) held a "stop work" meeting, shutting down the ports for the day. The ILWU drill team led a march of nearly 20,000 through the streets of San Francisco. The next day, 2,500 people from the Peninsula and South Bay areas braved another day of pouring rain to march and rally in downtown San Jose.

Morning rain didn't stop 10,000 Los Angeles protesters from marching through Hollywood to a mass rally. The crowd was marked by ethnic diversity and strong labor participation.

Over 500 people participated in Fresno's "Rally in the Valley" which drew participants from all over the San Joaquin Valley. Many valley residents went to San Francisco or Los Angeles instead, so the actual number of demonstrators from that area was even greater. There were also demonstrations in Bakersfield, Reedley, and Modesto.

Further north in inland California, protestors rallied in Mt. Shasta City, Davis, Sacramento and Sonora. In Placerville, "about 20 kids" protested in the rain along Highway 50. "We got our picket signs and as many people as we could."

Along the central coast, there were rallies in Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo and Ventura.

In the Republican stronghold of Corona, 30 people turned out for a vigil on Sunday, March 20.

[Thanks to Mike Rhodes, Muffy Sunde, Dave Kadlecek, Norma Harrison, Kevin Akin and all the folks who posted information to the ANSWER web site for help with this article.]

Janice Jordan arrested

Peace and Freedom Party activist Janice Jordan under arrest at the January 20 peace march in San Diego for "obstructing justice" (not moving as fast as a police officer wanted her to). The charges were later thrown out.

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