Other Texts

Our Activity in the late 1980s and the 1990s - Archive and Balance Sheet

The Fire Last Time - leaflet for firefighters strike

Intervention - Communication - Participation

Mayday, Work, Anti-Capitalism - leaflet distributed on Hackney strikers' demonstration, and to Mayday protesters, etc.

Communism before the revolution - by Paul Petard

Paul Petard's review of "John Zerzan And The Primitive Confusion" by En Attendant

Do you remember the first time? Resistance to the 1991 Gulf Massacre and War Damages Health - and the Health Service - (article on the effects of the 1991 Gulf war on the British National Health service, together with 2 leaflets produced by health workers at the time.) - by Practical History

Outside and Against the Unions by Wildcat (UK)

10 years since the establishment of the State of Kazakhstan (translation from article in Russian in 'Direct Action')

Behind the Balaclavas of South-East Mexico - a critique of the Zapatistas and their leftist supporters by Ab Irato.

Hitler's Force by Ernst Bloch

The Workers' Opposition In Nazi Germany by Tim Mason

Review of The Death Ship

Karl Marx And The Iroquois by Franklin Rosemont


The following two articles are from the same issue of of Les Temps Modernes published in June 1972 -

The Counter-Revolution in Ireland by Serge Van Der Straeten and Philippe Daufouy

Archaic And Bearer Of Communism, The Class Struggle In Ulster by J.Yves Beriou