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The Red Menace Archive

The Red Menace was a newsletter published in London from 1989-1990 by a group of individuals as a contribution to the movement for a stateless, moneyless and classless world human community – communism.

Convinced that ‘the revolution is not a party affair’, the aim of the project was not to recruit people to any organisation but to ‘increase communication, discussion, the spread of information and generally stimulate joint activity between all those genuinely fighting against this world’. For more about the history and politics of the project see A brief history of the Red Menace.

The contents of The Red Menace are being made available on this website because the articles contain useful information on social struggles in Britain and internationally in this period, and show how one small group critically responded in what proved to be the last days of Thatcher (if not Thatcherism) and the Soviet Union.

November 2000


A brief history of the Red Menace


Issue Number One, February 1989

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Demolish Fortress Britain - resistance to racist immigration laws

Tottenham 3 denied ‘right to appeal’

SNECMA aerospace workers strike in France

Acid Comment – the moral panic about acid house parties

Reviews: anti-parliamentary communism in Britain, 1917-1945


Issue Number Two, March 1989

Down with the First Word War! – the Rushdie affair

Education – the future of an illusion

Jamaica: another two party state

Review: Non-market socialism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries


Issue Number Three, June 1989

Up against the prole tax

Bread, blood and circuses - uprisings against austerity in Venezuela, Burma and elsewhere

Letters from Algeria: the situation after the uprising

Notices - Subversion conference; leaflet from the Anti-Workfare Movement


Issue Number Four, September/October 1989

More Misery Now – reflections on the transpsort workers’ strikes

Israel/Palestine – two states too many

Review: Help the economy, sleep on the streets – No Reservations – housing, space and class struggle

Review: Guy Debord, Commentaires sur la societe du spectacle

Review: Demolition Derby - reflections on 'primitivism'

Review: Return - the case against Zionism/Zionism and jewish identity


Issue Number Five, January 1990


Ambulance Workers Dispute: now the police won’t just put you in hospital, they’ll drive you there too

After the Guildford Four

Hull 1976 Prisoners Revolt – Paul Hill’s Story

There’s a riot goin’ on – People’s Park in Berkeley, 1969 and 1989


Other texts:

Address to revolutionaries in the USSR

The Kronstadt Commune 1921

The struggle against Islamic Fascism begins with the struggle against Iranian Bolshevism