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The Bill is a long running police drama filmed in the UK but broadcast to around 35 different countries. Tracking the highs and lows of Sun Hill Police Station as well as the personal lives of it's officers, The Bill has now been running for nearly twenty years and remains as popular as ever.

SGT June Ackland(Trudie Goodwin) is one of the casts longest serving members, who along with her current love interest PC Jim Carver (Mark Wingett) starred in the pilot episode "Woodentop" broadcast in 1983 where we see June puppy walking Jim (quite cute really!)


Trudie attended Dartington College in Devon to study Dance and Drama. From there she went on to Exeter University to gain an English and Drama Degree.

Her first acting work came with Theatre Centre, touring schools and other theatre-in-education projects. Armed with her equity card, she went on to repertory work in Worcester, Coventry, Exeter and Leicester.

Television parts followed with "The Gentle Touch", "Softly, Softly", "Fox" and "Love in a Cold Climate" before appearing in the TV Play "Woodentop" - which as we all should know by now was the prototype of "The Bill".

The Bill Fanfiction

My first, and hopefully not my last forray into The Bill fanfiction can be found below.

(Standard disclaimer - The characters used herein are not my property, I'm just taking them into my sandbox for a while and having a play. I do not promise to return them unharmed, they may well be bruised, scratched, emotionally drained and psychologically damaged. No copyright infringement intended and no financial gain is being made.

It's Grim Up North - Seconded to Leeds for the duration of an investigation into the activities of a violent criminal June and Jim meet up with two old friends, and do a little self discovery along the way.

It's Grim Up North - Part II - Back in Sun Hill June and Jim must begin to face the reality of June's problem and their new and budding relationship...

It's Grim Up North - Part III - As the relationship progresses and Rosie(!) begins to accept the changes, June finds it harder to cope. Can she find a reason to hold on or is it too late?

Damage Limitation - Take 2 - After the events of ‘Target’ June takes Bob Cryer’s advice and goes for a drink with her mates. One mate, Jim! Oh and I re-wrote a little bit of The Bill canon as well. So shoot me.

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A young June and Jim in "Woodentop".

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