Acknowledgements for Captain Marvel Culture


by Zorikh Lequidre


A work of this size and scope could not possibly be completed without the help of many diverse individuals and groups. These are some of them:

PC Hamerlinck, who, in addition to editing the book, has kept me loaded with Alter Egos and whose knowledge and enthusiasm for the original Captain Marvel has made me feel that this project is possible.

David Spurlock of Vanguard Publications, who suggested that I get in touch with PC Hamerlinck in the first place.

Roger's Time Machine Comics and Collectibles, which has provided mass quantities of current and back issues of Captain Marvel-related comics at discount prices.

Michael Carbonaro, Alan Rosenberg, and the Big Apple Convention for letting me give my first lectures about the History of Captain Marvel.

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Which has enthusiastically supproted my effort and given me the opportunity to lecture on the subject.

Matt Murray of MoCCA

Jim Sallicrup

Carmine Infantino, who gave me the straight dope on how DC Comics aquired the Big Red Cheese.

Joe Simon, who autographed reprints of his Captain Marvel work for me and reccollected his meeting with Fawcett Publications.

Peter Tork, who recollected how Captain Marvel influenced his ice cream choices.

Neal Adams, ever-outspoken champion of creator's rights and of the original Captain Marvel having the trademark of his own name back.

Jim Starlin

Roy Thimas

Arnold Drake

Trevor Von Eeden

Roseanne Sguelia, who has given me good information about agents and publishers.

Walt Grogan, Lon Madnight, Rob Crawford, Wes Connors, Don Bearden, Cynthia Finnegan, and others in Shazam Fandom who have provided me with good information and debate about the characters and their histories.

Joe Frenklin, who wanted me on his radio show abouto speak bout comics, but I accidentally gave him the wrong phone number, so I was on his radio show thre following week talking about mdeival movies and recreation instead.

...and many other folks whose names I may have forgotten.

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Chapter 5: Powers and Personality
Chapter 6: Going Hollywood
Chapter 7: Friends and foes: The Lietenant Marvels
Chapter 8: Friends and Foes: Captain Marvel Junior
Chapter 9: Friends and Foes: Mary Marvel
Chapter 10: Friends and Foes: Mr. Tawny
Chapter 11: Friends and Foes: Dr. Sivana
Chapter 12: Mr Mind
Chapter 13: Friends and Foes: Other Foes
Chapter 14: Enter the Binder
Chapter 15: Superman V. Captan Marvel
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