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The Methodology
Traditional coaching methods are centred on "getting better". Getting better is purported to be achieved via stroke analysis, detection of "error" and "correction of error." This coaching method is negative in nature and has both coaches and athletes constantly focussed on what is "supposedly wrong." This focus on what is wrong is the key feature blocking the immense freedom and joy that may be experienced by playing tennis.

The focus of my coaching methodology that sets me apart from traditional coaching methods is two fold. Firstly, there is nothing wrong with anyone's tennis game. Rather, there are obstacles in the way that prevent athletes from achieving the desired result from their tennis. Whether it is a beginner's ability to string two shots over the net or an advanced player's ability to serve at 180kms/hour, the focus of the methodology is merely removing the obstacles that stand in the way of the desired result being achieved. This approach to coaching is both enjoyable and positive in nature.

The second key feature to the methodology is that traditional coaching methods teach how to hit a tennis ball, leaving out how to actually "play tennis". This is a huge distinction and one that is the missing link between players taking lessons and not being able to transfer the lessons out into a "match situation".


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