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The Programs
Tennis lessons may be either taken in a private or group setting.

Private lessons or 1 on 1 coaching allows the customer to choose the particular area of his/her game where there would like to be a difference made. Whether it is 1 particular stroke or "a bit of everything", it is the customer's choice. There may be times however, where the customer may be unsure as to the direction to be taken in a particular lesson. In such cases, I am more than happy to provide the direction.

Group Coaching is also available and runs in 10 week blocks. The structure of group coaching focuses on 1 key stroke per week and over the 10 weeks all strokes are taught and developed. There is a maximum of 6 players in each group lesson. Group coaching is predominantly for children and the lessons incorporate skill development, social interaction and fun games.

Junior Tennis Comps are conducted each term. They commence on week 3 each school term on Friday evenings and continue for 6 weeks. On the 6th week, there is a pizza night and trophy presentation for winners and runners-up of each division.

Children's Tennis Camps are conducted over the school holiday period for children aged 5 - 14 yrs. The camps are extremely popular due to the emphasis of fun games and social interacting between the kids. The camps also teach the basics of tennis as well as match play. On the Friday, there is a mini tournament followed by a BBQ and trophy ceremony.

Tennis Parties may be arranged on request. These are great fun for kids! Coaches conduct fun games for children during the party and the hall may be hired out for food and refreshments as well as cake cutting and presentation.

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