Name: Lillian
Age: Belly Crawl
About Lilly: Lilly is the sweetest little girl! Her smile will warm your heart. She plays the piano, and loves her Panda Bear. She drinks mostly milk, but sometimes has oatmeal and bananas. Lilly gets along great with other Babyz, but needs a Mommy or Daddy who can pay special attention to her sometimes.
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Name: Millisa
Age: Belly Crawl
About Millisa: Milli's red hair shows the wild streak in her personality! She loves to explore, and she has obviously never heard the phrase "curiousity killed the cat!" Milli is also very affectionate with her other brothers and sisters. She loves orange juice, and roaming through the flower garden!
Name: Pier
Age: Crawling
About Pier: Pier is a very small preemie. He needs special care, and could be trampled by other bigger babyz. Despite his size, he loves to go, go, go! Pier will eat just about anything, but he should drink a lot of milk to help him grow! Here he is with the rattle, his favorite toy. He can't pick it up, but he loves if you wave it in front of him!
Name: Rosetta Ann
Age: Between Crawl and BellyCrawl
About Rosie: Rosie is a very cuddley baby! Her favorite thing to do is be rocked, or sleep in your arms! She prefers to stay inside, but if you take her out, just amke sure she is dressed warmly. She hasn't been weaned off the milk bottle yet, and she loves it nice and warm. The big white bear is her favorite toy. Rosie is also great at sharing!