Get your Babyz packed! It's time for Camp! Castle On A Cloud has the best camps for Babyz! Check them out below, then sign up at the bottom, with your babyz and the camp it's attending
All camps include 1 picture of your baby! If your babys is sick they cannot come to camp. Please send them to the Doctor's Office. If your babyz need to stay longer, or are attending two camps in a row, that needs to be specified in the entry forms
Camp Cloud 9
as you baby been needing some extra attention? Do they need some pampering? This is the camp for them! This 3 day intensive pampering camp runs Monday thru Wednesday. Babyz can arrive Monday morning, or in advance if arangements are made prior. Babyz will be sent back promptly on Wednesday evening. Again, babyz can stay later if nessicary.
Weight Loss Camp
as your baby become a little more than pudgy? Are you worried that it's getting unhealthy? Come join our Weight Loss Camp that runs Thursday morning thru Friday evening. Babyz will be put on our patented diet, but they will also have dance classes, and play outside! Babyz will be with other Babyz, and they can support eachother while having loads of fun!
Outdoor Over Night Adventure
abyz who join the outdoor camp-out will have loads of outdoor fun! Dressed warmly, of course, Babyz will have a picnic lunch Satuday, then plant flowers, play on the slide, and have a dance that night. Saturday night they'll sleep under the stars! They will return to you Sunday morning, and will probably be tired after having so much fun!