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     HDR in Cinema 4D





     Terragen backdrop.

  Spaceship rendered in

  Cinema 4D.



      "Exploring Titan"



 Vue 5 Infinite EcoSystem 






    "The Robot Factory"



  Sky in Cinema 4D 9.5




     "After the rain ..." 



   Larger images are

 Multi Display Wallpapers


  You need UltraMon to

 display theses images 

 on two monitors.




                                       DM 3D : Introduction to the 3D


                Working on my Outrageous Skies Kit for Multi Display in Bryce 5.5




    When you work at 1024 x 384 it give you the place to slide the menus down by holding the spacebar. My Outrageous Skies Kit for Multi Display contain one .br5 file

plus 17 skies presets for it. See in the Downloads section.





Get the plugin here.

Get some vegetation in XFrog .xfr format here. ( also in max, maya, wrl, rib,

and few in 3ds)

The XFrog Site here. Take a look at the firsts images done with Terragen 2, who

will import 3d objects !




    If you have the chance, check theses new movies. There is some

 effects created with 3D software.














       AEONFLUX                    EQUILIBRIUM    









 Brushes Conversion   

             :: Brushes converted to the Paint Shop Version X ::

     You can convert your old .jbr brushes or the V.8 .PspBrush ones

 to the new two files .PspBrush and .PspScript of the V.X .


 The V.9 brushes have to be renamed for using them in the v. X too.

     You go at Files \ Import \ Custom Brushes. They will be at the

 My Documents \  My PSP Files \  Brushes ,  folder, if you want to keep

 them somewhere else.




Free Poser Figure : ( Links at the bottom of the page )





 My full Gallery is still at DeviantArt. 

 I still keep my danmoore site, about Talisman:

"The easy way to change the look of your desktop". 


Chroman Created in Poser 6.



  Bye ! Bonjour !


  Denys Morais 

  (danmoore at DeviantART)                             



 Many updates

 to come.

 12-05-2006 :

 Outrageous Skies Kit

 30-03-2006 :

 FrontPage update.

 31-08-2005 :

 More Precious Links

 27-07-2005 :

 An animated banner,

 created in Bryce 5.

 13-06-2005 :

 A new look for my site 

 Hope that you like it !




         Meow !

    Model of the month 

           at 3D Cat.




    Diaporama photos



  LowSpeed 340kb/sec


  HighSpeed 768kb/sec


  Thanks to

  PutFile.com for

  the free service !






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