A manga by Endou Minari serialized in the Zero-Sum magazine, the same as Loveless or Weiss Side B, and is thus published by Issaisha. Itís 7 volumes long for now (I think itís still being serialized in the zasshi though Iím not sure).

Endou-senseiís style is quite original. At first very angular, her drawing improves very quickly starting book one to become very promising for the volumes to come. The color pictures are already amazing, look at the details of the charactersí clothes, and mostly Razelís dress on the first volume front cover. The charactersí body are also very well done, they have volume and donít look flat like in most shoujo manga. Endou Minari likes to draw new clothing styles for her characters, who get changed with each new chapter (Razelís hairstyle always changes too).

Razel (razelu) lives with her father, or to be more exact, the story begins when her father suddenly decides it would be good for her if she went on a journey. Alone. Sheís thrown out in the street on the second page of the manga. Nice beginning. And itís just as she talks about finding new friends that she meets a young cool and beautiful man... threatening another guy with a gun. A few insults, some magic, and Razel unvoluntarily helps the manís prey to escape with his antique and expensive gun. She treats him for lunch to try to erase the blunder. They donít get on very well, but she gets to know his name, Aluzeid (aruzeido), and his goal: to find the man who killed his father. After lunch, Aluzeid gets rid of her vanishing thanks to magic. But she finds him and the thief he was chasing, and helps him retrieve his gun. Their fate are definitely linked when Razel decides to help him in his quest (well itís more like she wants to make his boring life more interesting). Theyíll live together, have many fights, will help people, and will have many quarrels together. Aluzeid seems to enjoy driving Razel crazy...

Razel is a young short tempered girl who can use magic in a fight. She's of the type to act before thinking, but under her bad temper she's a very generous woman who doesn't hesitate to help people she doesn't know. Sometimes she reminds me of Shuichi from Gravitation (mostly when she grows mad).

Aluzeid is a very cold man with a dark past. Not talkative at all, but he always knows what to say to tease Razel. Still he seems to learn to like Razel, and finally ends protecting her and worrying for her without showing it. He can even be jealous...

Hatenkou Yuugi is a succession of stories where Razel and Aluzeid get to meet people who need their help, kinda like Yorozuya or Yami no Matsuei.



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Hatenkou Yuugi vol 1
By Endou Minari
Published by Issaisha (Zero-sum)
ISBN: 4-7580-5004-x
Cost: 552 Yen
Hatenkou Yuugi vol 2
By Endou Minari
Published by Issaisha (Zero-sum)
ISBN: 4-7580-5005-8
Cost: 552 Yen

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