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Here are manga I've bought more or less recently: (most recently bought on top)

Two manga I've bought two days ago along with the third volume of Harlem Beat wa Yoake Made.
The first one, Nabari no Ou, caught my eye even though it was standing among many others and only its edge could be seen. The art is fine, so if the story is good I'll buy the whole series.

Blood + is the other new manga I've bought on that day; it's adapted from the tv animation of the same name, which was based on the movie Blood. I enjoy vampire stories (as well as ghosts ones). Haven't seen the tv series yet though, not having an internet connexion home. By the way, I truly prefer buying anime DVDs once they're out in France, still I enjoy discovering new anime thanks to downloading: not long ago I was in a downloading craze, while for now I'm more in the mood of buying (and I buy far too much for my poor purse). ^^;
I've bought Soul Eater in January, but didn't take the time to really read it. I really like the art, however the story is a little strange and I can't remember exactly what it is about...



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Gekka no Kimi
Nabari no Ou
Hatenkou Yuugi
Blanc Project
Shounen Shinkaron
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