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Mangagedon is scanlating Yorozuya. ^______^

is also scanlating Yorozuya, but in German!

All Purpose: Interesting site with info.

Yorozuya Toukaidou Honpo: A great German Yorozuya page with summaries, character descriptions, scans and isbn info.

: Level Control, a cute little shrine to kaori-kun!

Paperthin Bishounen: Has a small page about Yorozuya. :)

Never Give Up!

Nebagiba!: A very interesting page with lots of information and funny Kiri pictures! ^_^


: Sara's shrine to Loveless, with story information, gallery, goodies and fanart.

: Obsession is a scanlation team specialized in yaoi manga, and they just started Loveless! ^.^

Kouga is a Kouga Yun site: information about the mangaka of Loveless.

Loveless Random Scans has a few Loveless W&B manga scans, particularly from vol 2.

Other manga

Storm in Heaven has scanlated all of Rokutousei Supika, and is working on Hayabusa, another manga by Onodera Akira, as well as many other great series!

Distance is probably the only shrine about Naoki from Shounen Shinkaron. It's not only nice but had also very thorough information.

Kiyôi is a German shoujo manga review site with a Gekka no Kimi page.

Other Great Sites

Shan's impressive image gallery, with manga like Kino no Tabi, Ayatsuri Sakon or Peace Maker...

Mudpack Program reviews anime and manga sites. I thought it was really interesting so I linked it. ^__^ Go have a look!

Broken Image is Gatomon's manga and anime site with reviews, fanart, cosplay pictures and wallpapers.

Café Natsu is a manga gallery with original art and manga scans and wallpapers, among which from Cafe Kichijouji de!

Hana to Yume Collective: Great site for info about various Hana to Yume manga.

an interesting under construction shoujo site.

: Theria's fabulous Yami no Matsuei site!

: Fruit Medley, my fave site about the Fruits Basket manga!

Fun Fun Factory: I just love this site! About Fun Fun Factory, a Lala manga! ^________^

: Kathy's blog with various fanstuff!

: About another great Hana to Yume manga, W Juliet!



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