09.20.2003: 4 more links added, two about Loveless, and two other manga related sites! I also realized recently that I had completely forgotten to change the design of the Yorozuya section: it was still the old design. I fixed this mistake. ^^; Bad me...

08.25.2003:Yorozuya chapter 9 part 4 translation is online! I've also updated the Loveless section, I should have done it a while ago but I had kinda forgotten... lol

08.22.2003: Big change: the gallery moved! I needed more free space to post much more images, now it'll be possible on KonekoTachi!

08.05.2003: I decided to release the Yorozuya chapter 9 part 2 translation before the heat kills me... But at least, after a long and forced wait of 13 months, I'm finally on holidays! So now I only have to cope with my laziness and my lack of skills in Japanese to continue updating Image Garden! ^.^

07.28.2003: New Blanc Project pictures added in the gallery.
I've finally got my lazy brain to work seriously on kanji: I've decided to (try to) learn the official main kanji. ^^; I hope it won't take too long, but I doubt my memory abilities...

07.01.2003: Okay people, rejoice, since I've finally achieved translating Yorozuya chapter 9 part 1! lol! Omatase! I'm really sorry for the HUGE delay, and I hope it'll never happen again!

06.21.2003: I've finally received the manga I had ordered! I've already put scan from Loveless volume 1 in the gallery, then I'll change its review when I'll have read it, probably in a few days. Since my tests week is finished, I'll have time to work on Yorozuya translations again! ^___^

05.31.2003: There's only been slow and small updates recently. Still 20 days to wait then I'll have achieved my report and tests, and I hope I'll have received the manga I ordered by then! BUT! I've found a manga I HAVE to put on Image Garden! :) Anyway, for now you have new Yorozuya scans, from book 3, in the Gallery!

05.18.2003: I've translated again (remember I had lost the files) the first pages of Yorozuya chapter 9. Let's say it's a kind of teaser, I still have to achieve this translation. I'm still waiting for manga I've ordered, then I'll add scans in the gallery. ^____^

05.01.2003: I've added two links, so go check the sites! There are also 3 more Loveless scans in the Gallery. ^__^
Today is May the 1rst, so enjoy the sweet perfume of lilies of the valley!

04.21.2003: A new section opens about a great manga: Loveless by Kouga Yun! Also have a look at the forum for an important message, onegai!

04.13.2003: The first translated chapter of Yorozuya has finally been edited! I also decided once again to change the design of the site. The bishounen on the left is from Hayabusa, a manga serialized in Asuka Comics! ^__^

03.21.2003: Yorozuya Chapter 8 part 3 is online! And with it volume 2 is now fully translated. There are many things I'd like to do on Image Garden, but I haven't decided what to do first. I'll follow inspiration...

03.09.2003: Image Garden has now a forum! Feel free to stop by and post a message!

03.05.03: Image Garden is one year old! I've slowly been learning a lot of things thanks to Image Garden, my first and only site. I like updating and improving it, and I hope you enjoy tiny Image Garden! To celebrate this first anniversary, I've made a Blanc Project page. I love this manga, maybe more than all the manga I've created pages about. Don't forget to have a look in the gallery!

02.23.2003: Chose promise, chose due! The translation for the second part of Yorozuya chapter 8 is online! I expected today's weather to be nice, but it's cloudy instead. I need sun to be completely genki! Next week I'll have to attend school once again... Means waking up early, long hours in the RER and métro, sleepy mood ect... And no time to work on Image Garden. BUT! It also means I'll be able buy manga in Japanese in Paris!! ^__^

02.16.2003: I suddenly decided to change the design this morning: it reminds me of the early spring sky... I've added Sequence black and white scans from Hana to Yume in the gallery. They're from the first chapter of the manga. ^-^ I went to my fave Japanese bookstore in Paris three times this week, and thus got a fabulous cute manga, soon to be on Image Garden...

02.09.2003: I updated the Sequence page and the links section. I won't be able to work on the site next week, so don't expect new translations before 2 weeks. ^^;

02.02.2003: Yorozuya Chapter 8 part 1 is finally online. Let's work on part 2 now! ;)

01.31.2003: Hisashiburi! I started a new manga section about Sequence! I'll update it soon! I'm off to work now! ^_^ Ja!

12.10.02: The translation of Yorozuya chapter 7 is now available. ^_____^

11.24.02: A new section opens! It's dedicated to Dear Mine, a kawai manga you'll sure like! I translated the first chapter and added scans in the gallery. I also changed the picture on the left: I love Daisuke's smile! Enjoy!

11.07.02: Long time no update! Yorozuya chap 6 translation is finally online! Now time to go to work! Ja ne!

09.29.02: The Shounen Shinkaron section opens! I also added 3 scans in the gallery. It will expand with time. ^__^

09.16.2002: Yorozuya chapter 5 is online! I have troubles with the guestbook: I can read the entries, but you can't. I'm trying to fix it, dunno how...

09.03.2002: I'm finally trying the new design I've been working on. Quite hard but funny thing to do!

08.29.2002: Yorozuya chapter 4 is online! Enjoy~! I started working on chapter 5, and I'm preparing a new design for Image Garden. ^____^

08.19.2002: A few days ago, an accident occurred with the file which contained the translation of chapter 4 of Yorozuya: it was damaged and I couldn't open it. I finally could save only a part of it, which means that i'll have to translate more than half of the chapter again. T_T Damn I was so happy to have achieved it... So, gomen but don't expect it to be online before September...

07.31.2002: I'm currently trying to improve the website structure... Not easy when you don't know much about html... ^^; I'm having fun though! I'm also working on the Yorozuya chap 4 translation. Sorry for having you waiting. *bows*

07.16.2002: Yorozuya chap 3 is up! Also, since I have finally started to work (in my fave bookstore! Yaaaay!), I may be even slower... ^^; Sorry for any inconvenience! I'll try my best!

06.28.2002: I added pictures in the gallery, from Kusanagi Toshiki's Credo. I'm working on the third Yorozuya chapter translation. :)

06.12.2002: I finaly added the seccond part to chapter 2. Damn I'm slow... (and lazy)

05.24.2002: More color pictures are available in the gallery. ^_^

05.22.2002: Since it's taking longer than expected (due to an evil computer, to my lack of Japanese and my laziness), I decided to post the first part of Yorozuya chapter 2. I have a few words to find in the second part, then I'll post it. Don't forget to check the yorozuya info section too. :)

04.29.2002: The gallery is now open! I'm still struggling with the Yorozuya translation.

04.22.2002: I finally could change the layout. Tell me what you think of it! Yorozuya chap2 translation is in progress.

03.24.2002: The translation of Yorozuya Volume 1 chapter 1 is completed and available!

03.13.2002: Started the Yorozuya character descriptions.

03.10.2002: The Yorozuya Toukaidou Honpo section opens!

03.08.2002: Character descriptions added in the Nebagiba section (why the hell do I precise the section since it's the only one open????)

03.06.2002: The Never Give Up! section opens. ^.^

03.05.2002: First day of the site!

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