The new manga by Saenagi Ryou, the author of Yorozuya Toukaidou Honpo! Sequence (shiikuensu) started being published in the Hana to Yume zasshi n°16 in August 2001, and has now a dozen chapters, enough to publish a first volume, which release is announced on March, 19th 2003.

Saenagi-sensei’s art developed a lot since Yorozuya started three years ago. Now the characters are BEAUTIFUL! She can draw moves pretty well now, when they once looked quite stiff. As for the clothes, they look more real thanks to details such as shadows or folds.

As for the manga in itself, there’s a huge change since Yorozuya: there’s blood from the very beginning. Saenagi-sensei doesn’t draw romantic manga, there’s action, fights, shouts. There are still a few shounen ai hints though, between two lethal kicks. Also, Yorozuya was rather based in a realistic world, while Sequence is about vampires, magic, demons and angels.


As a punition for being late a his club activities, Kanata’s sempai told him to ring the bell in an old deserted church near the highschool. The floor doesn’t resist and breaks under his feet: Kanata falls in a vast room where lies a huge cross. The cross opens: it’s actually a coffin, and inside lies the body of an old fashioned bishounen. Kanata realizes he’s not dead when the supposed deceased man suddenly wakes up and kills Kanata. The man, a vampire, realizes Kanata isn’t the one he wanted to kill, when Kanata’s soul is aspired inside the cross. Kanata wakes up, everything seems to be normal. It would have been a dream if he hadn’t a small cross in his hand…

Kanata will later meet the dead man again, and won’t be able to really separate from him. They are actually bound to each other through a kind of magic spell which comes form the cross: if kanata dies, the vampire dies too, and the contrary as well...

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