Shounen Shinkaron is a very cute manga by Toshigi Kusanagi-sensei. It was published in Crimson Comics, and has only one single and unique volume. Donít worry, it has a sequel, Shounen Shinkaron Plus, which has 4 volumes for now. By the way, Shounen Shinkaron means ďThe Theory of Boys EvolutionĒ.

Itís the story of Sana, 14, a boy who tries to find his place in his fatherís shadow. Because Sanaís father, 29 years old Naoki, is also known as Asou Mizuki, a top idol who is supposed to be 16, Sana has to hide his identity. The task is hard since Sana is his fatherís perfect portrait, and people tend to think Sana = Mizuki, to the point that when his father canít go to a show heís been invited to, Sana often plays his role. Moreover, Naoki has quite a tough character when heís not Mizuki. Sana has to cope with this situation. Even though he doesnít show anything, Naoki loves his son and tries to help him, in his own way.

Before I could buy the manga, I had bought Kusanagi-senseiís artbook, Credo. And before I bought Credo, I had seen a few pictures on the net, particularly the front cover: it was love at first sight. I love Kusanagi Toshikiís art, I had to buy the artbook, I had to buy the manga. I donít regret my 35 Euros spent in these 2 items, and I donít think I ever will. I expected something quite different in the story though, since I had collected very few information about Shounen Shinkaron, I thought Naoki would be the hero, and seeing all the pictures in Credo, I expected Sana to be about 3Ö


Sana is a 14 years old Senior High school boy, quite normal a teen, if his 29 years old father wasnít pretending to be a 16 yo idol, and if he didnít look like his fatherís twin. Poor Sana begins the story with psychological troubles: he hates his face, because of its similarity with his fatherís. People tend to mix Sana with his famous father. It would be rather easy to explain his school mates that heís not an idol, had he not to keep his existence secret. Why? Because since his father is pretending to be 16, how could he have a 14yo son? Sana isnít supposed to exist, and a very few people know his existence.

Sanaís father is the famous idol Asou Mizuki, whose real name is Fujisaki Naoki. Naoki became father at 15, and Sana doesnít know his mother nor his faterís story. Mizuki ďisĒ a cute young idol who smiles a lot, with a quiet personality. But Naoki is completely different: he smokes and drinks a lot, he shouts, he hits people etcÖ He would rather look like Umeda Hokuto in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e. Poor Sana ^^; But don't think that naoki is evil, he hides his true feelings most of the time and he's a little awkward, that's all.

Sugino (alias Sugi) is Naokiís manager (or should I say Mizukiís?). He has also been his friend since school and is always here to help him or Sana. Seems he even took care of Sana very often (because of Naokiís hard temper, his lazyness, and even because of his work). Sugino is of the cheerful type, though not overly genki. Heís a funny character. ^.^

When youíre used to Hana to Yume manga, where every kanji has its hiragana written, youíll find it harder to understand Shounen Shinkaron, where hiragana are not used often. Itís also harder to find words in the dictionaryÖ The manga isnít very difficult to understand though.



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Shounen Shinkaron vol 1
by Kusanagi Toshiki
published by Shueisha (Crimson comics)
ISBN: 4-420-17017-4
cost: 505 Yen

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