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The Citrus Factory is Willie Logan's own studio. A small digital hard disc recording facility with a 72 input 32 channel in-line analogue desk (and a 16-track analogue tape machine collecting dust in a corner), intended for programming, writing songs, and recording his own albums. It has not been unknown, however for Willie to help his friends and fellow musicians to record their albums here.

Custom Shop Do you require good backing tracks for your band / act? The Citrus Factory can produce custom made backing tracks for you and only for you. Unlike other companies who will charge a custom fee for your backing track, and after that, add your track to it's catalogue for others to buy at a standard rate, The Citrus Factory custom BT's are yours and will be no one else's. The Citrus Factory does not keep a back catalogue or list of already recorded BT's. Rates will vary acording to the amount of work involved and is relative to Studio time P/H. If you require a BT, please contact the CITRUS FACTORY for a quote.


The Citrus Factory has just bought a SOUNDTRACS desk from Tim at STUDIO SYSTEMS. It got damaged in transit and Tim did everything in his power to effect a repair. He even travelled 500 miles from the south of England to Scotland to help. I recommend that any one looking for a new console should contact Tim (the official SOUNDTRACS engineer for analogue consoles) who provides an excellent service and will give good advice on any related problem.

The STUDIO SYSTEMS web site is: http://www.studiosystems.co.uk Even if you only want a look at lots of pictures of big desks or want to find out more about SOUNDTRACS, this is the site for you.

We all learned an important lesson……Don't ship or post mixing desks,no matter how well they are packaged and boxed. Always go and get them in a van.!!!

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