Welcome to my Clay Aiken site. I was part of the very first Bubel/Aiken auction (winning bidder of two items). Clay's performance of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" is very special to my family for several reasons so you can imagine my thrill at winning the autographed (by AI assoc. music director Michael Orland) music chart of Clay's show-stopping finale. Even more special is my autographed and numbered ("11 of 12") Rolling Stone. Due to a mixup, Clay signed the twelve BAF-auctioned Rolling Stone copies (while seated at his mother's table in Raleigh after his incredible, emotional Raleigh concert) on the cover. The Raleigh visit was so hectic that Clay forgot that he'd previously signed his inside black and white photo. What a fantastic surprise! Every fan that loves Clay fully understands that you can *never* have enough Clay, in any form, in any venue. Never. Uh uh. Just...well...NEVER.

Here at Clay's Haven you'll find fanfic (Ratings: G - NC17), and hopefully the site will evolve to include Clay photos and eventually some of his music.

There are some links listed and if you have a site or know of a Clay site, let me know and I'll include it.

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    If you've written fan fiction and would like it posted here, please contact me. The only rule is that since Clay has stated that he is not gay, out of respect for his feelings no storyline posted here will place Clay in gay situations or depict him as gay. Also, please put a rating on your story to let others know how tame or racy the content: anywhere from G to NC17 or R. Below are the story links as well as links to other fanfic sites.

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    Many thanks to Michael for providing the photo of him and Clay from Michael's personal album.

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    I Never Saw It Coming (1-104)

    I Never Saw It Coming-TN (105-133)

  • (paranormal)

    I Never Saw It Coming-L.A. (134-150)

  • I Never Saw It Coming-L.A. (151-170)

    I Never Saw It Coming-L.A. (171-185)

    I Never Saw It Coming-L.A. (186-191)

  • by claysheart
  • Rating: PG13
  • Til We Meet Again (1-9)

    Til We Meet Again (10-18)

  • by claysheart
  • Rating: G-PG
  • Thunderstruck
  • Complete

  • by sundinsgirl42
  • Rating: NC17

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