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Here you will find information about some of the Community Leaders and Cosmic Volunteers who make up the Federated Alliance of Community Leaders/Cosmic Volunteers. You can search for a Community Leader or Cosmic Volunteer that can suit you needs. Whether you need a banner made, an HTML class, your site critiqued, or an award, there is someone here for you. This site is run by AnarchyAlien(Manager) and Tu2rok(Co-Chair).

The Federated Alliance of Community Leaders (FACL) is a rich community of volunteer Community Leaders (CLs) that arose from the ashes of the old Geocities CL Program. We have organized ourselves into groups that are still based on the old Geocities suburbs, but that also incorporate various themes into each sub-group. Area51 focuses on all homepage owners across the Internet with an interest in the science fiction and fantasy genre within the world wide web! We are here to offer help, activities such as site critiques, contests, awards, on-line classes, and great free graphics and generally help out whenever we can. We are also in development of two new Supercells, Arts & Literature (by Spencer-Spork), and Entertainment (by AnarchyAlien).

If you are a Community Leader or Cosmic Volunteer in FACL and want to be added to this site, click here to download the questionnaire. Please fill-in the requested information, attach your photo and send to Anarchy Alien at clbios@mail.com

For more information on the F.A.C.L.s, please visit the main resource center by clicking here or signing up for the monthly newsletter and you will be automatically re-directed to the main resource site.

But, before you leave browse through the information here and drop us all a note in the guestbook. Thanks for visiting.

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