The Boy Rants of a Single Girl
Why am I single?  That's a good question.  I'm a young, fairly attractive female.  I'm at the age where I should be dating and thinking seriously about well dating.  However, here I am refusing dates, turning away guys, and in general making sure I stay single.  So why?

Well that's actually really easy to answer.  I'm single because I want to be.  I know full well that I could easily find someone interested.  I know full well if I wanted a boyfriend I could get one, although not instantly.  So I choose to remain single.  So the question is, why do I want this then?

Well I've decided that I am very much tired of boys.  In general.  I am remarkably good at making friends with them.  It's easier for me to make friends with guys than with girls.  I have more in common with guys I guess.  And they are so much nicer and easier to get along with.  Come on!  Girls are cool and all, but sometimes they aren't very nice.  Guys are just in general similar to me.  They like video games, I like video games.  They like science and math, I like science and math.  They like to talk about stupid stuff, I like to talk about stupid stuff.  I blame Tyler, because he and I were really close I guess.  We've been more friends than siblings.  When we aren't fighting.

So if I get along better with them, why not date them?  Why am I tired of them if we get along so well?  I admit I do flirt a LOT, but that has nothing to do with this.  It's all about the fact that I've had really bad experiences with guys in general.   I've been manipulated, dumped, used, confused, and in general put out by boys.  They are just dumb sometimes.  So I think I need to grow up a bit first.  I need to be able to make better choices about who I date, before I start dating again.  This is my plan.  I hope it works.  It probably won't last.  But right now I'm just sick of boys.  They are just dumb.  And I have issues with anger...but that's a whole completely different rant.  I'll save that for later! ^-^