I don't know if I can say "no offense" with a title like that, but sadly I might just be stating the obvious.  So moving on to my particular rant for the day.  Utah Boys (Utah boys=anyone currently residing, even temporarily, in Utah for the purpose of school, work, or a place to live).  Yup, they are my current peeve.   Now don't get me wrong.  They are very nice, will open the door for you any day, and will go out of their way to do service or say hello.  I'm not sure if it's the Utah atmosphere or what, because I never had this problem with LDS boys elsewhere.  What problem you ask?  Well hold on, I'm getting there!  Now, you may or may not have been reading my rants/livejournal/talking to me, so I'm not sure if you know my current boy-status.  So I suppose I should explain.  My dating life could probably be described as a series of unfortunate events.  My last date I fell on my head and got a concussion.  My last dance I was sick to my stomach, danced with a bunch of old, creepy, greasy men, and wanted to just sit there but they wouldn't let me!  *sigh*  So, I've basically had one or two decent/good dates and lots of dates with creepy guys or normal appearing guys that end up being weird.  But!  That's not enough of an excuse for me to generalize that Utah boys are my problem.  It's just background information so you all can know at least partly from where I am coming.  (Again with the not ending a sentence with a preposition!  I am good!)  So, what's the problem?  Well, my mom's nickname in school was Squirt, but some called her Squirt the Flirt.  And personally, I think I inheritaded that flirtatious quality from her.  Which I supposed to be a good thing, because it meant I was good at flirting and having/keeping guy friends.  And it was so far as Idaho and even Montana were concerned.  But not in Utah.  Noooo.  Apparently in Utah one cannot simply flirt and have it just be fun.  It can't just be hey I'm flirting with you but that doesn't mean I like you.  I flirt with basically everyone, but it's rarely, if ever, serious I wanna date you flirting.  Only one guy right now do I flirt with like that, and guess what?  He doesn't even notice!  ARGH!  All the other guys I talk to just assume my flirtations, which are usually just friendly joking around and teasing without going too far.  I was used to Idaho and Montana where the guys understood it was just friendly teasing/flirting and not flirting as in "Please ask me out!"  I'm not sure how to explain it so that Utah people will understand, because apparently they don't.  The guys here just assume because I smile at them or start a conversation with them, that I want to date them.  I do that to everyone.  Even in Idaho it was understood.  Although, it was a problem once in Idaho when I was a sophomore...but that's another story.  The point is my dear friends, that I apparently can't act like myself (because flirting is part of who I am.  I can't help it most of the time) around guys here.  And worst of all, the one guy I do want to flirt with is either not getting the hints or going REALLY slow.  Yes I have considered the possibility that he might not like, but usually guys are blunt enough to have the common decency to let you know.  So do I need to flirt more with him and totally flat out reject other guys?  Because every time I smile at a Utah boy that's single he assumes I like him.  My flirting isn't as bad as some of the flirting I get.  I don't call them hot or make references to their attractiveness in my flirtations.  So I dunno.  The only one I do that for is umm either not interested or clueless.  I hope it's the later, but both bug me because he won't just communicate his feelings.  *sigh*  Awkwardness...boys are dumb.  That's probably why they don't understand us.  No.  Not really.  But Utah boys are just weird.  And I haven't even started on the whole fact that for them dating is never just casual.  It's always an issue of marriage.  Can't you just have a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship and not worry about if you want to spend the rest of eternity with them?  Enjoy the relationship and learn about yourself and how you are in relationships.  It's a great thing.  A non-eternal-commitment thing!  Gosh....Oh well...  More on stuff and boys later!  You know the deal!