BOYS (Again *Sigh*)
One would think I would run out of rant ideas at around Boys 3 or something.  But alas no.  What are we on 5 or 6?  Five?  Well, never fear I'm quite certain we will get to six one day.  We should celebrate this five thing about with a new page somewhere?  A "secret" one?  Okay!  ^_^ CLICK HERE FOR NOT SO SECRET PAGE!!!*

Now that that's all over...on to the rant!

I'm tired of liking boys....Okay now I see how that can be a dangerous sentence, but it's really not if u understand it....I'm tired of liking boys and having to make the first move.  Still not quite?  Then how about this?  I think boys should like me first and pursue me.  Yeah, I'm tired of doing the pursuing.  It happens in most of my relationships I end up in.  So not anymore!  Nope!  I'm not going to get a crush or anything similar for quite some time.  Not unless he likes me first.  In which instance I will be happy to decide if things could work out or whatever and then like him (or not if such is the case).  Sound reasonable?  Probably not, but let's look at where things are and whatever fills space for me.  Now when I like a boy, I usually end up wasting time with a silly crush that never works out, and after a while, I just give up.  Take the most recent example (gave up as of yesterday 3/24/05 btw).  Three months of liking him, with no signs or signals from him for two and a half of them.  Then I find outhe knows,  things get even weirder, and for all I know it could or could not work out.  (Work out in this instance meaning him actually liking me back or whatever).  So I'm basically where I was before, waiting and wondering.  Which was fine...for a time.  But guys, girls want to be pursued.  The don't want to wait around and wonder.  Especially not if everybody knows (including you) that they like you.  And worst of all for us is when we get no signals, no hints, nothing.  And in this instance the reason my waiting didn't last as long as before was first of all I felt I had waited three months already.  Secondly, it was starting to affect my self esteem.  Why wasn't I good enough for him to even like?  What was wrong with me?  etc, etc.  Thirdly, I was getting teased by everyone about it.  AND fourthly, I think he was too nice to admit it, but he probably didn't want the attention anyways.  Now I know guys (sometimes) like it when girls make the first move or take some iniative.  But that usually only works in movies and when the feelings are reciprocated.  Sorry fellows.  So unless there is some hint of liking from you, then there is no incentive to try.  Which is why I think I want to have the guys like me first.  Then if all is well, I would be willing to pursue IN RETURN.  This leads me to be done with the ranting stuff.  So have only one more thing to say: I am now accepting applications.  It's true!  The process may be a tad difficult, but I assure you the maintenence afterwards will be minimal and does include many benefits!  Now what does an applicant need to do?  Well first there is the initial paperwork.  A resume and a short essay.  (*Short essay's length will be taken into consideration, so don't make it too long or too short).  The resume can include but is not limited to or required: name, previous experience in related fields, age, physical description, missionary status (pre-mi, RM, or convert), good qualities, etc.  Once the paperwork has been submitted, there is an interview/date with a complete evaluation and feedback at the end.  Qualifications for applying: baptized and active member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, non-family member, male, over the age of 18, and a high school education or the equivalent (GEDs allowed, but I do have to have some standard).  Previous boyfriends are elligible, but previous performance may be taken into account unless you can convince me of otherwhise in your essay.  Hmm, that's about it.  Benefits should be obvious, but may also include: free food, help with cleaning, and cuddling if desired.  Applicants can mail or e-mail their paperwork, but hand delivering is preferred.  Thank you!

*Note to reader's:  The Not So Secret Page is no longer secret at all.  In fact you can get to it from the front page.  BUT!  I want to preserve the rant in it's original form for whatever reason.  This is also why I don't go fix the first boy rant which is really, really dumb.  They get better.  I think.