In the Eyes of the Beholder?
I know the font's not so exciting this time around, but it should be pretty easy to read at least.  That was the only thing for which I was aiming.  (Notice I didn't end with a preposition!  Haha!)  So anywho, now that the initial talking is done I can get to the rant that you all so long to read.

Wednesday night (this is dated) I did something I don't usually do.  I looked someone in the eyes.  Now that may not seem like a big deal to you all, but to me it was.  Shall I explain the situation more?  Will is a good friend of mine, and he agreed on Wednesday to walk me home since I was working late (so it was dark and I didn't want to get attacked).  A very gentlemanly thing to do if I do say so myself.  But then again I consider all the guys in Apartment 2 (Will's apartment) to be gentlemen.  So, he walked me home.and kindly walked me all the way up the three flights of stairs to my door.  Awkwardness as usual.  Now don't think I'm going to kiss and tell or whatever, because nothing like that happened.  And even if it did, this owuld be the last place I would talk about it.  I'm just trying to give you readers and idea of how far apart we were when I did the unusual thing of looking him in the eyes.  So we were talking and I did it.  Nothing inappropriate or exciting happened.  It was pretty much two good friends saying goodbye.  So why bring this whole story up in rant?  Especially since Will will probably read this.  Because of the eye thing.  Because the eyes are the most intriguing part of people in my opinion.  Let me elaborate a little.  The eyes are called the window to the soul.  I think of them as such, and if you read my stories you will notice that I usually make a lot of references to eyes and try to make the character's eyes match their personality.  That's a hint to any of you readers who have taken the time to go read my stories.  So anyways, I rarely look people in the eye because I do believe it.  My fear is that either they or I will see something.  So I usually avoid it at a close distance.  Now I have been known to look at people's eyes when they aren't looking at me.  That's different, because then I don't feel like they can see into my heart and perhaps see something they may not like.  Strange thing to worry about, I know, but I can't help it much.  Which is what made Wednesday so unusual for me.  And it was a tad uncomfortable.  But I did it.  Because why?  I dunno.  I just did. And I haven't done so in a while, nor am I likely to do it much in the future.  I might start.  I'm not quite sure.  Because it feels rude to stare at the ground, and it feels add to stare at someone when I'm talking to them.  So what do you do?  It just adds to the awkwardness I think. I feel insecure enough as it is, without having to worry about them looking into my eyes.  What would they see I wonder?  I've been told my eyes are my best feature, which is weird.  I'm not sure what makes eyes beautiful.  I've often looked at people's eyes and wondered how they could ever be considered ugly.  They are so intriguing and unique.  The colors are never solid, but rather bursts of color.  It's so interesting.  So what makes mine especially beautiful?  I mean...they're brown.  Okay sometimes they do look black, but that's just a weird feature.  Now I'm just starting to talk about myself...Sorry, that was not my intention.  My intention was to have an open discussion/rant about how strange they eyes are.  Maybe I should start looking people in the eye more.  I wonder what I would see.  Who knows?  I guess I'll experiment on this and let you know.  I could keep a chart of some all should give me some feedback on this or something.  I rarely get feedback, and most artists love it.  Myself included.  I want to know what you like, what you dislike, your comments, thoughts, etc.  I'm still working on that forum thing, so get back to me!  Have a fun day!