This is it...the end of a school year.  I'm not quite finished, but something inside of me feels nostalgic just the same.  So I figured why not a rant about this past year  Which is exactly what I'm doing.

I think so much more has happened to me in this past year than I've ever had before.  I've changed, grown, become better more in this one year than any other.  Let's think about this.  This time last year I was still in high school, breaking rules, and struggling in my faith.  Now I'm not saying that I'm perfect now.  I would never say that.  I used to try to be perfect, but it's too hard.  I'm just working on being my best at this point.  I don't break any rules anymore.  I just can't now.  I'm also finishing my first year of college.  I can speak some Chinese.  I know more about history, geography, people, and dating than I did before.  I lost my favorite, most loved, and dearest friend and mom in the whole world (I'm not counting Christ or Heavenly Father here).  I've felt more pain and more joy than at any other time in my life.  I found so many new, wonderful friends, all of whom have an amazingly beautiful light and life to them.  Most importantly though, I've become/felt closer to my Savior than I think I've ever been.  I don't think I've ever known more clearly how wonderful, true, and comforting His gospel is.  I love my Redeemer, and I know he loves me.

So what brought about all this change?  While coming to college has helped me "bloom," I think a lot of it was the huge trials I've had to face.  I had to face death, grief, pain, punishment, and worst of all: myself.  I don't mean or intend to toot my own horn here.  Heavenly Father was the only reason I had the strength to even survive these trials.  And to come out better and stronger than I had been?  No way I could have done that on my own.  If left on my own I would have just given up at the beginning of this semester and been a crying baby.  Instead I've grown and become more of who I am today.  I don't see myself as this poor, wretched soul to be pitied either.  I have had more blessings than trials by far.  It's just a plain, undeniable fact. So I leave you all with my love at the end of this school year.  May next year be just as sweet, just as memorable, and just as educational.  Happy Summer!