This is a chart to show the REAL story of why people act the way they do.  It's easy enough to explain.  You make a moral decision that determines your perspective.  If you choose to you can see people as being of value and just like you.  You are both agents, in other words you have agency to choose.  You can choose your own fate.  Through this view you gain self-integrity and moral strength.  Now your other option is to see yourself as a victim and view others as the cause of your problems.  Which is not the case.  So you live a lie and betray your true self.  Don't blame others for problems you have.  ^-^
See why it belongs on the rant page?  It kinda is a rant...and it was taking up a lot of space on my main page which I am revamping to be more main-pagey and to add a few more features which just plain require more room.  So room I am getting... Keep your eyes open for more new updates!!!!  Oh and try and find the special ducky!!!!