Vintage Clockwork in the Garden

Here is a start of what I hope will become a rather comprehensive album of vintage clockwork trains running outside in the garden. it is a delight to see these wonderful machines outside, soaking up the sun, pulling trains, rather than being stuck in a display case inside!

A delightful (and rare) Walker-Fenn 4-6-0 belonging to Rudolf Schott

A trio of American Flyer clockwork locos in the yard on Rob Kulman's Linwood Mineral Tramway. Looks like they are ready to race!

Two delightful photos from Bob Walker of British Columbia of clockwork on his Avebury Junction Railway. The trio of Hornby model 40s is particularly charming!

The above three photos were taken on Alan Sangster's delightful garden railway in Aberdeenshire, Scotland
. An absolute paradise of vintage clockwork and tinplate trains!

 O gauge Bassett-Lowke "Prince Charles" with an express train passes a Hornby Model 40 with a guard's van sitting in the passing loop on my Algonquin Light Railway.

More clockwork from Peter Watson. A Marx 0-4-0 (US) and an aluminium-bodied Maurlyn (Australia - 1950s), a true Pacific of recognisable prototype, the Victorian Railways streamlined 'Spirit of Progress'.

The legendary Walker-Fenn "controlled clockwork" loco (England 1920s). This firm bought 6-coupled O gauge mechanisms from Märklin and fitted them with the speed governor from a clockwork gramophone, resulting in a locomotive that can crawl along very slowly.

Marc Horovitz's pre-war Bassett-Lowke "Duke of York".

Jim Montgomery's pre-war Hornby 4-4-2.

Marc Horovitz's pre-war Hornby No. 1

Murray Wilson's magnificant pre-1920 O gauge Bing "George the Fifth" 4-4-0

Rob Kuhlman's O gauge American Flyer Number 1

A Bing 0-6-0 pulling Leeds rolling stock on Peter Watson's line in Melbourne, Australia

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