I know many of you have a serious problem.  You just have too much game.  Your game is always on, and you don’t know how to turn it off.  Many of you have members of the opposite sex flocking around you and you don’t know how to get rid of them.

Well, you have nothing to fear.  Thanks to my extensive research on the topic, I have proven ways to get members of the opposite sex to become totally unattracted to you.  Maybe even repulsed.  Try these proven methods, and I guarantee instant results.
One thing I have discovered is that Mr. T is not a particularly good conversational piece when it comes to romantic relationships.  I myself have found that most women hate Mr. T for some reason.  I was talking about this with a friend the other day, and he said that many women don’t like Mr. T because he is loud and abrasive.  According to Mr. T, however, women love him, because “T stands for Tough with the guys, and Tender with the ladies.”

Anyhow, I have found that a good Mr. T impersonation really chills that romantic feeling in the air.  My favorite Mr. T line is in Rocky III when a reporter asked what Mr. T’s prediction was for his rematch with Rocky.  Mr. T responded by saying “Prediction????  PAIN!!!!!”  One time, on a first date with this girl, I decided to start the evening off with this line, but I was clever enough to switch the words around.  I said “Hey Nick, what’s you prediction for this evening???? “  Then I responded, “Prediction????  PAIN!!!!!”  I don’t know what that girl thought I was insinuating, but whatever it was, she wasn’t down with it.
When a reporter asked Michael Jackson why he keeps grabbing his crotch when he dances, Michael Jackson responded by saying “I am just a slave to my rhythm.”  That is something Michael and I have in common.  I just love to dance, anywhere, anytime.  Now most women will tell you that they love to dance.  My research has shown that this is false.  Most women I have come in contact with hate when I dance, particularly when I dance in supermarkets, shopping malls, libraries, or bookstores.  I don’t know what it is.  When I hear the muizac version of “Dancing Queen” by Abba, I just have to bust out and do the running man, even if it is in aisle 8 of Shop Rite.  I guess I am a slave of my rhythm, like Michael Jackson.
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