I was talking to a bunch of people I knew the other day.  They just found out that I broke up with this girlfriend they knew I was going out with.  One girl asked me how I was holding up.  I responded by saying, in tune, "Here I go again on my own!!!  Going down the only road I've ever known!!!"  At that, the girl excitedly said "OHHH I love Whitesnake." 

This guy, that I sort of know, who was there was not as impressed.  He said, "You know it's funny.  Really intelligent people quote things like Shakespeare, Thoreau, Emerson, Frost, or other great literary figures.  You, on the other hand, quote Hip Hop, modern movies, rock, and other aspects of pop culture.  That says a lot, doesn't it????"  Needless to say, I took him off Nicky C's Hip Hop Quote of the Day list. 

Of course this guy sort of made me feel bad.  He made me question myself. Maybe I would sound more intelligent if I quoted great literary figures.   Maybe I could say things like "To be....  or not to be.  That is the question."  (Hamlet by Shakespeare)  as opposed to "I wake up in the morning and I ask  myself; is life worth living or should I blast myself." ("Changes" by 2Pac)  Or "and I've got Miles to go before I sleep; Miles to go before I sleep."  ("Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"  by Frost) as opposed to "I'm 23 now will I live to see 24; the way things are going, I don't know!!!!"  ("Gangsta's Paradise" by Coolio")

So this guy got me to do a lot of thinking.  Maybe I am acting stupid or immature.  Maybe I should just grow up and start citing books instead of music and movies. 

Then I started to realize where my passion lies.  One of the places it lies is with movies, music and modern culture.  I am fascinated by these aspects of society.  Another big passion of mine is humor.  I like to be funny.  I like to write and say funny stuff.  Maybe I am wrong, but I think I would find it extremely difficult to find humorous aspects of say Walden by Thorau as opposed to The Chronic, by Dr.Dre.  Regrettably Dr.Dre is just more humorous in our society.

Finally, I don't need to satisfy or impress intellectual bigots who find my taste in music, books, and movies intellectually void.  I bought the NY Post the other day (because it is only 25 cents down here.  Usually I don't like the Post (too conservative) but their headlines are great) and some woman in my law school class said "Ohh!!  You read that!  I prefer the NY Times myself, but I guess getting your information there is better than not getting it at all.  But not by much."  I didn't even know this woman that well. I almost told her to F off.  I like the NY Times too, but I can't afford it at 75 cents a pop.  After class I ran into this other woman who told me pretty much the same thing.  You've got to be kidding me. 

Well, I like to think of myself as a man of the common person, who is able to communicate through the medium of modern poets, song writers, and entertainment mediums.  I don't need to impress anybody.