Now I realize that people who seem disinterested or rude are  actually romantically interested in me.  With this in mind, you wouldn’t believe how many people I have discovered that are interested in me.

The other day in my legal writing class, everyone had to chose a time slot they wanted to work on a certain project that we are going to do in a couple of weeks.  Basically, you sign up for a time slot and who ever signs up for the same time is your partner.  I signed up for the 2:15 slot.  After class, this woman I sit near asked “You are the 2:15 slot right??”  I said yep.  She then responded by saying “Ohh ok, we are partners.”  I said “Oh cool!!!!”  She then said, “Well, I was the last person in line and it was the only slot left.”

The Old Nick would have been extremely hurt by this remark.  But now I realize she said that because she is VERY interested in me romantically.  You see, she was just pretending that she was not interested in me, but inside, she was very excited to find out that we are partners and that we will be working together.
About a year ago, I took a bus from Kingston to Albany.  The only seat left was next to this very pretty woman.  She wouldn’t let me sit next to her, however.  It actually caused quite a scene.  Some guy in the back of the bus actually suggested that I get off.  Ultimately, some woman with a child volunteered to have the child sit on her lap and I sit next to her.  At the time I was very hurt and disturbed.  I kept asking, why wouldn’t this woman let me sit next to her???  Do I look like some kind of freak????  Do I look really intimidating?????   Am I so ugly that someone couldn’t bare to sit next to me for an hour???? 

Well now the new Nicky C knows better than that.  You see, this woman thought I was really hot but wanted to seem disinterested.  The best way for her to show her disinterest was to refuse to let me sit next to her.  If she just let me sit next to her and ignore me, then I wouldn’t have noticed how disinterested she was in me.  But since she let it be known she didn’t want me to sit next to her, it became obvious she was disinterested in her.  This was her way of telling me that she liked me and that she thouth I was really hot.
One time, while I was working in Albany, I was leaving work and entered an elevator with a friend of mine.  The elevator stopped on the 8th floor and this woman entered the elevator.  As she was entering, she looked straight at me, then quickly exited the elevator.  My friend then started to make fun of me.  (This actually happened with some one else a few months ago, but my friend didn’t believe me.)  Again, the usually questions came about.  Am I some kind of freak???  Am I really ugly or do I look intimidating???  

Well, with my new philosophy, I realize that those notions are silly.  You see, this woman thought I was really hot.  Again, she wanted to show how disinterested she was.  Just standing in the elevator and ignoring me would not have been sufficient.  She had to make it obvious that she had no intrest.  But deep down inside, she thought I was attractive and wanted to let me know.  She let me know by seeming disinterested.
Believe me, I have many more stories like this.  But now I have a new look of them.  It’s funny how a little bit of new information can change you entire perspective on things. Before, these stories use to offend me.  Now I find them flattering.