About a year and a half ago, a very good friend of mine was giving me advice on how to pick up women.  You see, at the time I was single for a very long time.  When I say a long time, I mean years.  Obviously I wasn’t too good in attracting women, so he was giving me some advice.  He told me that women find it very attractive when men act like they are not interested in them.  In other words, if I pretend I am not romantically interested in the object of my desire, she we fall all over me.

This really intrigued me.  Could this actually be????  This seems all too easy.  All I would have to do is ignore women and they would fall all over me!!!!  Can anything be better than that!!!  Clearly this matter needed further investigation.
Well there was this one girl that I worked with at the time that caught my eye.  What better person could I possibly try this theory on.  So I decided from that point on, I was going to act disinterested in this person.  I knew she would really get that I was disinterested in her, because we were on friendly terms before.  I always joked around with her and talked to her a lot.  So I figured that she would really get the hint that I could care less about her, and then she would be mine.  I knew what my mission was.
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