POONTANGENS pick up WR Q Ismail for $33, RB Tony Richardson for $6, and TE Mark Campbell for $2 and drop RB Robert Edwards, QB Shane Matthews, and WR Rod Dixon

GAMECOCKS pick up RB Kenny Watson for all their $$ and drop WR Jason McCaddley

NADS pick up Kelly Campbell for $4 and drop Aaron Stecker

HOOSIER DADDY picks up QB Danny Weurfell for $25 and drops QB Todd Bouman


HOOSIER DADDY picks up RB Troy Hambrick for $31, PK Tim Seder for $5 and drops WR Q Ismail, WR Ricky Proehl, and RB Kenny Watson


7 LYR BURRITOS pick up WR Herman Moore for $1 and drop Rondel Mealey

SKIN BOAT picks up RB Mike Cloud for $1 and drops Seattle DST

GAMECOCKS pick up WR Jason McCaddley for $22 and drops Arizona DST

BUFFALO STEAK picks up Oakland DST for $4 and drops WR Mark Campbell

DANECKS pick up TE Ro Williams for $5 and drops WR Darnay Scott

HOOSIER DADDY picks up TE Duane Carswell for $31 and drops PK Tim Seder

KOOL & G'STAS pick up WR Doug Jolley for $1 and drops TE Dave Moore

NADS pick up TE Steven Alexander for $2 and WR Andre Davis for $1 and drop RB Robert Holcombe and QB Rob Johnson


HOT GRAVY picks up QB Neil O'Donnell for $25

GAMECOCKS pick up DST Arizona for $3 and drops RB Troy Hambrick

POONTANGENS pick up PK Gary Anderson for $1 and WR Rod Dixon for $3 and drops TE Ro Williams and IR David Terrell

7 LYR BURRITOS pick up DST Cincinnatti for $8

KOOL G'STAS picks up RB James Mungro for $15 and drops WR Pat Johnson

NADS pick up WR Trevor Gaylor and RB Aaron Stecker for $1 and drops Oakland DST and RB Jamal Anderson


OLD TIMERS trade QB Tom Brady, RB Terrell Fletcher, and RB Jamal Anderson to NADS for QB Marc Bulger, TE Randy McMichael, and WR Brian Finnernan


HOOSIER DADDY trades Stephen Davis, TE Jim Kleinsausser, and WR Antonio Freeman to GAMECOCKS for RB Lamar Smith, TE Shannon Sharpe, and WR Qadry Ismail

CLUBBERS sends RB Shaun Alexander, WR Az Hakim to SKIN BOAT for RB Eddie George, and WR  Derrius Thompson

GAMECOCKS trade TE Bubba Franks to SKIN BOAT for TE Alge "Lil Crumps" Crumpler and WR Don Driver


NADS trade QB Chad Hutchinson to KOOL & GSTAS for PK Steve Christie


DANCING TITOS pick up QB Matt Hasselback for $14 and drop QB Trent Dilfer

CLUBBERS pick up RB Ricky Williams for $3 and drop 

BUFFALO STEAK picks up WR Frank Sanders for $2 and RB Shawn Bryson for $2 and QB Doug Flutie for $1 and Mark Campbell for $1 and drop Robinson and Steven Alexander.

HOOSIER DADDY picks up RB Kenny Watson (washington) for $14 and drops WR Ricky Proehl

OLD TIMERS pick up WR Bobby Engram for $3


SKIN BOAT trades PK Steve Christie to KOOL & G'STAS for PK Bill Tutthill


NADS trade WR Kevin Johnson to CLUBBERS for RB Olandis Gary and QB Marc Bolger

NADS drop RB Olandis Gary

BUFFALO TURDS trade WR James Thrash and TE Daniel Graham to HOT GRAVY for QB Jake Plummer and WR David Patten


POONTANGENS trade PK Adam Vinateri to HOOSIER DADDY for TE Michael Ricks


SIMON SEZ picks up WR Germaine Crowell for $12 and PK Matt Stover for $5 and drops RB JR Redmond and PK Owen Poochman

HOOSIER DADDY picks up PK Tim Seder for $2 and drops PK Billy Cundiff

SKIN BOAT picks up DST Seattle for $1 and drops WR Orande Gadsen

HOT GRAVY picks up DST NY Jets for $1

GAMECOCKS pick up WR Tai Streets for $27 and drops WR Andre Davis

DANCING TITOS pick up WR Cris Carter for $92 and TE Boooo Williams for $5 and drops TE Cam Cleeland and TE David Sloan

CY-NADS pick up TE Billy Miller for $1 and QB Chad Hutchinson for $2 and drop QB Chris Weinke and QB Vinny Testesverde.

OLD TIMERS pick up PK John Hall for $1 and drop TE Zeron Flemister

POONTANGENS pick up QB Shane Matthews for $5 and drop TE Steven Alexander




NADS pick up QB Chris Weinke for $11 and drops RB Ty Wheatley

CLUBBERS pick up PK Matt Bryant for $1, QB Marc Bulger for $62 and QB Ray Lucas for $22 and drop QB Doug Flutie and WR Frank Sanders

DANECKS pick up PK Jason Hanson and drop DST Minnesota

POONTANGENS pick up TE Ro Williams and drop WR Bryant Westbrook

GAMECOCKS pick up WR Andre Davis and drop QB Shane Matthews


DANECKS pick up Minnesota DST for $3 and drops RB Terry Allen

HOOSIER DADDY picks up QB John Kitna for $26 and drops QB Danny Weurfell

CLUBBERS pick up QB Doug Johnson for $39 and QB Doug Flutie for $10 and drops Seattle DST and WR Andre Davis

DANCING TITOS pick up WR Dennis Northcutt for $86 and drop QB Matt Hasselback

OLD TIMERS pick up TE Zeron Flemister for $2 and drop RB Shy Stith

KOOL & G'STAS pick up PK Tuthill for $1 and TE Dave Moore for $2 and drop RB Travis Stephens and TE Ro Williams

GAMECOCKS pick up PK Mike Hollis for $2 and drop WR MarTay Jenkins

POONTANGENS pick up WR Travis Taylor for $12 and drop WR Donald Hayes

NADS pick up RB Ty Wheatley for $7 and drop RB Bryant Westbrook


GAMECOCKS pick up WR Drew Bennett for $12 & WR MarTay Jenkins for $2 and drop RB Ty Wheatley and WR Travis Taylor

KOOL & G'STAS pick up Jacksonville DST for $1 and drop Cincinatti DST

SKIN BOAT picks up KC Chiefs DST for $1 and QB Brock Huard for $1 and drops Minnesota DST and QB Akili Smith

POONTANGENS pick up TE Stephen Alexander for $4 and drops NY Jets DST

HOOSIER DADDY picks up TE Christian Fauria for $11 and QB Danny Weurfell for $13 and drops WR Matthew Hattchette and QB Gus Frerrotte


SKIN BOAT picks up Minnesota DST for $3 and QB Akili Smith for $11 and drops QB Chris Weinke and RB Robert Holcombe

CLUBBERS pick up WR Andre Davis for $77

NADS pick up QB Kelly Holcombe for $3

OLD TIMERS pick up RB Najeh Davenport for $5 and drop Arizona DST 


SKIN BOAT trades WR Keyshawn Johnson to KOOL & G'STAS for RB Michael Pittman


GAMECOCKS pick up RB Moe Williams and drop QB Danny Weurfell

POONTANGENS pick up RB Robert Edwards for $2 and WR Donald Hayes for $2 and drop RB Chris FuMalfala and TE Christian Fauria

DANCING TITOS pick up TE Cam Cleeland for $17 and drop TE Stephen Alexander

7 LYR BURRITOS pick up TE Itulu Mili for $5 and drop PK Doug Brien

KOOL & G'STAS pick up WR Pat Johnson for $10 and drop Chester Taylor

BUFFALO STEAK picks up Detroit DST for $1 

MODELLS pick up Carolina DST for $2 and drops KC DST


NADS pick up DST Oakland for $4 and drop TE Zeron Flimmister

DANCING TITOS pick up PK Bill Gramiticia for $13 and drop WR Germaine Crowell

CLUBBERS pick up TE John Davis for $4

SKIN BOAT picks up PK Steve Christie for $2 and WR Deion Branch for $3 and drops DST Buffalo and PK Brett Conway

OLD TIMERS pick up RB Terrell Fletcher for $2 and drop RB Ben Gay

BONECRUSHERS pickup QB Marquez Tuisosopo for $1 and drop QB Bobby Hoying


HOOSIER DADDY picks up PK Billy Cundiff for $6 and drops PK Tim Seder

GAMECOCKS pick up QB Tim Rattay for $1 and drop QB John Kitna

NADS pick up RB Bryant Westbrook for $2 and drop PK Rian Lindell

BONECRUSHERS pick up WR Eddie Kennison for $5, QB Bobby Hoying for $1 and PK Jose Cortez for $1 and drop QB Elvis Grbac, RB Tim Biakabatuka, and PK Mike Hollis

SKIN BOAT picks up WR Derius Thompson for $36, WR Don Driver for $13, RB Robert Holcombe for $6 and QB Rodney Peete for $2, and drops PK John Kasay and IR's WR Snoop Minnis

OLD TIMERS pick up RB Shyrone Stith for $2 and Arizona DST for $1 and drop WR Sly Morris and DST Oakland


DANCING TITOS drop WR Rob Moore ($40)


CLUBBERS trade WR Lavender Coles ($30) and QB Chad Pennington ($40) to SIMON SEZ for QB Michael Vick ($120 for 2 seasons) and DST Baltimore ($103)