January 22, 2003        

"YES!!!!"  NBA commentator Marv Albert and Weekly Award Mike Bednarz KETV Newswatch 7 News Anchor Rob McCartney and Captain Jeff Ewen of the Skin Boat.

Rosy cheeked Business Banker Brad Bell, Jay Bartley,  and "Bob" from ABC's "The Bachelorette".

"The Judd" and TV's "Michael" from "The Bachelorette"

Burritos owner Quint English, Fargo sports personality Stacey Anderson, and former Hastings College Bronco baseball player Jeff Koolen, owner of Kool & the Gangstas.

Skin Boat Captain Jeff Ewen and Congressman Lee Terry (R), Nebraska.



I'm really getting tired of seeing Jay's mug, but it's Jay...along with Senior PGA redneck, Fuzzy Zoeller

European Tour Player Paul Lawrie, and 15 handicapper Jon Tangen.

Triplets...Former Husker lineman Kyle Kollmorgan, former FFFL'er Mike Lucas, and "The Lion", John Daly

Fargo's #1 insurance man, Jay Bartley and a "flashback" photo of Jay, circa 1983 at the local spelling bee.


Yes, I's another one of our famous investment rep, Jeff Koolen, along with his likeness, Dennis the Menace, gritty Cleveland Cavalier Mark Price and the youngest Jetson boy, Elroy.



Wow!!! This ones pretty's a finely groomed Jay Bartley and Husker baseball recruit Dion Parks of Lewiston NE. I didn't know anyone in Nebraska outside of Omaha was named Dion!!??!!

Lincoln heart surgeon Deepak Gangahar and Clubbers GM and FFFL League Commissioner Ryan Knispel



"The Judd" and Steve from Blue's Clues

A couple of "Jerry's"....Utah Jazz head man Jerry Sloan, and Old Timers' GM Jerry Knispel

The Animal Planet's Jeff Corwin and our own "The Judd"

Dancing Tito's Mark Hatten and his brother...St Johns Red Storm guard, Marcus Hatten.

PGA player Marco Dawson, and "The General", Curt Schwartzkopf

I know....they aren't in the league, but it's still funny.   Justin Leonard and Ben Stiller



PGA player Brent Schwarzrock and our own Brad Bell of the Bonecrushers

PGA Tour pro Tom Pernice Jr, and insurance guy Ryan Knispel



Ghostbuster Rick Moranis & Investigator Mike Bednarz

Skin Boat's Jeff Ewen & twin sister Brenda Warner


Triplets---A jackass, Judd & Bob Knight


'Lil Eddie Munster & former Cheesehead Scott Richter

Jeff before the perm (left), Jeff after his perm gone bad (right)


Grumpy radio host Jim Rome & grumpy FFFL owner Curt Schwartzkopf

Modell's Lans Brown and Channel 6 News anchor Brian Mastre


Triplets...Chevy, Seve & "Crusher"


Head PoonTangen, Jon Tangen, Skin Boat's Jeff Ewen & Husker OG Wes Cody  (no, they really aren't brothers)



ESPN's Dick Vitale and Dancing Tito's Mark Hatten University of Kansas head coach Mark Mangino & Hoosier Daddy's own Jay Bartley



A couple of "cool guys"...Phil Mickelson & Da Necks owner Mark Dynek

Skin Boat's Shawn Kreifels & look-alike Miami QB Ken Dorsey