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updates - 30/07/02: So I was coming home on the tram the other day and three thirty-something women get on board dressing like they were tweny-something, with makeup as far the eye could see, thinking they were the bees-knees and I couldnt help but listen in on their conversation.  Now I usually would have no particular interest in what they would be saying but the shrill, nasely voices were near impossible to block out. Now they seemed to be intellegent enough people, until they spoke and the effect was spoiled. They were already in the middle of a conversation, though the subject of this was constantly changing every couple of minutes.  But this was the first thing I heard in context: "...I really don't think that when they use sex and attraction in ad's and things, it's really doing any harm to anyone, I mean its just a bit of good product positioning to get people to buy stuff, It's not really hurting anybody to see gorgeous people in ads. People are just to touchy, maybe if they lost a bit of weight, they wouldn't be so negetive to it..."  Now I know I should accept their opinions and points of view, but I'm sorry, WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?!!!  The use of sexual attraction in advertising is very vivid among our everday society and advertising today has become so complex, that women and men stretch out ant try to attain these unattainable goals.  Most advocates for women say that these kinds of images objectify women, and are dangerous because they promote unrealistic body images and risky behaviour that force women to question their self-worth.  For instance in one ad for some item of clothing, it's portraying a young slim lady, wearing a long red leather coat.  Now, in our everyday society, people do not look like this.  This is the definition of an unattainable goal.  when someone sees this advertisement, automatically think to themselves, "If this looks good on them, whats to say it wont look good on me?"  Well this is a lie within itself.  If you are a girl of generous preportion you arn't gonna look like the how the lady in the advertisement is.  It seems like women learn that everything depends on how they look and that the idealized images they see are literally impossible for a human woman to achieve.  When you finally realize that you do not look like the advertisement, it can be depressing.  Henceforth, this persuades you to try and lose weight.  If this is gone by an unhealthy way, it can be detremental to your health.  There are also several other different types of ways that advertisers use sex to sell a product.  Sometimes, the average eye does not even detect that sex is being involved.  In a somputer advertisement II forget which one, a computer is elegantly standing on a stool with a beutiul lady smiling at you on the screen.  Now, when we turn on our computer screens at home, do we expect this lady to pop up and greet herself to us?  No, we do not, but when we do see this advertisement, it does catch our eye, and the advertisement becomes more appealing, which in turn makes us look at what product is being portayed.  The advertisement C, money and the backside of a beutiful yet tacky girl in a bikini laying on the tropical blue beaches of the Caribbean casinos.  Step out on the front porch of your hotel and feel the fresh air of the morning wind hit you in the face.  This is not what happens to you when you click upon this website.  The advertisement of some sheet and towels product, portrays a beautiful young lady lying on a heap of pillows, smiling at your face like you are her husband and she has been waiting for you to come home all day.  In my mind, this is the worst of all advertisements.  Sex being portrayed throughout advertising has become one of the most popular yet most unethical trends in the media today.  When the advetisers show these ads to the average everyday citizen, it makes them wonder what they would look like with the product, or is this the benifit from this product.  These types of advertisements can be unhealthy and detrimental to your health if taken about the wrong way, which unfotunately,  alot of time is.
So anyway, I kept on listening to ladies for ten or so minutes ( I was writing this as I was listening), and I think they caught onto the fact that I was writing about them as I saw one of them in the corner of my eye give me a lookand their voices suddenly dropped to a whisper.  That and I kept on glancing at them which I didn't realise I was doing till I heard one of them say of their way out of the tram "did you see that guy looking at us?"  Next time I'll remember to be a little more inconspiquos.  So all I can say at the end of all that is if you ever hear such a thing whilst nosing in on strangers conversations for lack of entertainment whilst on public transport bored out of you nutter, tell the other side of the story, tell them what you think, unless of course, the stranger happens to be a 300 pound skinhead with a tattoo on his arms  of someone's head being ripped off that looks surprisingly like your head.   Then again, I might just stop listening into strangers was really just rude on my part...

And whats with white guys and dread-locks?  I mean come on, what are they thinking. Im sorry, but it just doesnt work.

That's all Folks!
News -
Teens Use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco hits low
Drug alcohol and cigarette use among sixth-to twelth-graders is at the lowest level in years, partly because adults are doing more to keep their kids away from illicit substances, according to a survey released Wednsday.
Parents and teachers are warning students about drug use and encouraging kids to nurture other interests by joining extracurricular school and religious activities, the 2001-02 Pride Survey said.
The percentages of students using illicit drug - including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens and others - dropped to 22.3 percent, the lowest level registered by the study since the 1993-94 school year.
The percentages of students who said they drank acohol, 65 percent, or smoked cigarettes, 36 percent, in the previous 12 months were the lowest in the 15-year history of the Pride Surveys.
The results, from the data collected between August 2001 and last month are the "best reprt on adolescent behaviors in over a decade" and may reflect a cultural reaction to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, officials said.

Doing The Preacher's Daughter - Is it all that it's cracked up to be?

Throughout the ages it has been a long held myth that one of the most prized posessions on any man's trophey rack is that of the forbidden taste of the Town's priest's daughter.  But can this daunting myth stand up to any true words spoken?  Of course, many a jackass has claimed to be one of the fortunate, but liars are these rubes! for they would not be nearly smart enough to know how to even approach such a forboading challenge.  But here with us today we have one of the few who took on the task and prevailed.  Jimmy Mcharlequin, thank you for joining us.
JM: Its a pleasure to be here Michael.
MC: So lets start off with why you would even consider such a thing as stuffing the preacher's daughter like a turkey on thanksgiving.
JM: Well you see michael, it wasn't something that I origonally thought was even possible.  Time and time again, I had seen the stunning woman cross my path after a reasonably boring morning in church. little did I know that her supple breasts and firm backside would be the death of me.
MC: So where'd you go from there?
JM: Well I decided that a great way to let her know that I was interested in her was climbing through her bathroom window at night when she was taking a shower.  Unfortunately her bathroom was on the second floor of her house, but i eventually go up there, and through the tight-fitting  window.  But it was quite steamy and clouded when I was in there so I couldn't see very well and I stepped on something - I'm not sure what- and I went ass-over-end onto my back.  Suffice it to say, I was in  quite a lot of pain.
MC: But you were able to pull off the challenge, wern't you?
JM: Well, it turned out that it was the preacher's wife in bathroom and not the preacher's daughter - the daughter was off vacationing somewhere.  But surely enough, I was able to scramble to my feet before any large bathroom appliances were hurled in my direction.
MC: So when did you end up with the daughter?
JM: That would've been a week later.  I was at one of my friends parties when miracle's do happen, and she turned up out of the blue.  I later found out that she'd snuck out that night, against her father's wishes, which was fine by me.  So we got to talking after she'd had a few drinks and eventualy that night i was able to take her back to my house and show her the real meaning of christmas- being of course a good rodgering and souveneir of the event. But later on the next day, she was too rapped with guilt and she told her father what had happened, so he paid me a little visit, and that why from that day on they call me Legless Jimmy.
MC: Well thankyou for that indepth story Jim.  I sure everyone hopes that you can learn from your experience - not me though, personally i hope you die and awlful, awful death for the fact that your looks are sevearly sub-par.
JM: Er...thanks.
MC: Get out.
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Multiple Intelligences
We have our strong and weak areas in learning.  However, it is amazing to me, just how easy it is to find a way to use music to teach  just about anything to anyone!  If ever their was a "wonder way" to teach and reach every student in the way they learn best, it's through this marvelous subject, music!  No matter what the range of talent or ability in music, we all have an ability for enjoying a musical experience.  Remember, their is no such thing as tone deaf.  There are many folks who may disagree with that statement, but i have come to believe that the people that arn't able to sing in tune have just not been lead with the appropriate approaches.  In other words, we just need to find their learning style strength and approach the ear-training from their particular point of understanding.  There may be exceptions to this approach but is seems to me that the majority of out of tune singers simply haven't been given the oppurtunities to learn the way they learn best.
It's important to be aware of the theory of multiple intelligences.  There are now Eight intelligences, the most recent one being added by Mr. Howard Gardner is, "The Naturalist".  The other seven being linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, spatial intelligence, bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence, interpesonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence.
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