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Karen Mulder

She is soooo beautiful…

Absolutely Amazing

Karen was born in The Hague, Holland. At the tender age of 16, and while wearing braces, she won a model search contest, and has never looked back. One of the friendliest girls on the runway, she has been nicknamed the "Man Magnet", because of her ability to attract the attention of men.

One of the busiest runway models in the business, Karen models for all the top designers in Paris, Milan, and New York including Lagerfeld, Ferre, Mugler, Oldham, St Laurent, and Versace. Karen has been ranked as one of the 10 top models in the world for over 5 years, as is testified by VOGUE Magazines 100th Anniversary edition April 1991. Karen currently resides in Monaco with her puppy and is currently engaged to Frenchman Jean Yves LeFur.

(From SuperModel Issue 5. August/Sept 1994)

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