Arm Wrestling Table Dimensions

Below are the table dimensions for a regulation AAA stand up table. There are two different table
tops that can be used. You can decide which table top would be right for you. If you have any questions, or are unable to get a clear printout of the tables below, please E-Mail us and we'll do what we can to help you out. Heartland Armwrestling Inc.


AAA Stand Up Table
(for use with straight across or staggered pad table tops)


40" high
38" wide
26" deep 


AAA Table Top
(straight across pads - right and left hand)


Elbow Pads = 7" Square x 1" Thick
Touch Pads = 3" x 8" x 3" High
Table Top = 38" x 26"
Hand Grip = 1" diameter x 6" high


WAF Table Top
(staggered pads - right hand)
(touch pads & elbow pads are opposite for left hand)


Conversion Chart

CM = Inches

2.5 cm = 1 in
3 cm = 1 3/16 in
5 cm = 2 in
10 cm = 4 in
14 cm = 5 1/2 in
15 cm = 5 15/16 in
17 cm = 6 3/4 in
18 cm = 7 in
24 cm = 9 5/16 in
30 cm = 11 13/16 in
32 cm = 12 5/8 in
40 = 15 3/4 in
66 cm = 26 in
90 cm = 35 5/16 in
102 cm = 40 1/16 in

AAA Table Design

In the past AAA has tried to coincide with the WAF World event as to which style of table to use for the qualifying AAA Nationals. WAF originally had Sit-Down style at the Worlds. Then WAF integrated Stand-Up Style every other year. Now, it seems WAF will be utilizing the WAF Stand-Up (staggered) tables for some time.

AAA formally used straight across pads for the National events. This called for only one table top for both right and left handed matches. To better prepare TEAM USA for World competition, AAA has mandated that WAF approved tables be used at AAA Nationals. There is no such ruling for local or state events.

Tables Which Can be Used in AAA (Non-National) Events

1. AAA Sit-Down
2. AAA Stand-Up
3. WAF Stand-Up


AAA Sit-Down

There are AAA Sit-Down tables out there and a few directors who run Sit-Down events. Be aware that the likely hood of ever seeing a AAA Nationals or a WAF Worlds event using sit-down tables in the future is very remote.

Also, keep in mind that Sit-Down events need 3 referees per match: 1 on the table and 2 on the seats.

AAA Stand-Up

The AAA Stand-Up table utilizes straight across elbow and pinning pads. This design enables one table top for both left and right handed matches. However, if you are training arm wrestlers for AAA Nationals, realize that those tables will have WAF Staggered pads.

WAF Stand-Up

WAF tables are measured in metric units and have staggered elbow and pinning pads. Left and right handed matches need a different top. AAA has seen a second top placed on the table frame for left handed and then changed for right handed. Also used, is a table with one top having sliding pads switched between left and right handed matches.

AAA has heard both arguments from athletes who have wrestled on both staggered and straight across pads, "I didn't notice a great deal of difference in the pads while pulling" to "I wasn't ready for the staggered pads."

Ultimately, you need to decide what table will work best for you and your arm wrestlers.

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