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G’day fellow Quakers and lovers of all things that go bang in the night. In the following weeks, months, years I will from time to time try and entertain you with a look at life from a mature gamers point of view at the events and happenings in the cyber world, and at times the real world.


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As they say in the classic's "About Time"

MPU was back and bigger and better then ever. There is no doubt about it the crew from MPU know their stuff, the network was it's typical kickarse setup with a new concept from the admin with permanent assigned IP addresses. As usual the tech help was just a polite request away and all issues resolved with customer satisfaction guaranteed.

I thought the venue was superb with all the amenities close to hand, travel time, food and drinks. Excellent choice team MPU.

Game play on the day was pretty much a pick-up affair with one particular player setting up a server and playing the same map and DM game for an unusual length of time. When I checked, 2hrs and his total of frags at that time close to 500. He just loves that map and rail !!!!!!!!!

I took along a newbie to large LAN's, in fact it was his first LAN ever. Unfortunately GeNoCiDe didn't have too much fun on the day as his network card was not working too well and in the end he had to re-install 98 and even then the card was locking up his system every 15mins or so (:  Never the less I said to him if there was ever a place for your computer to develop problems this was the place to be with all the "Tech Heads" present there would have to be total meltdown for them not to be able to get it fixed and even then I reckon they would be able to make something happen with a piece of tin foil and chewing gum.

As a clan this was probably our worse turn up since I have been coming to MPU. Only 3 members could make it on the day and [GX]Dozzer didn't get there till about 5.00pm. Which was great to see as he did have to go to his brothers wedding during the day. Great commitment Dozz :) But shit happens and I would like to thank Torch[SAS] for sitting in and making up our fourth for a 4 on 4 against the gun side [BH]. We did ok as well with the result acceptable considering the circumstances. Well done team [BH]. ( I am sure [BH]natslovR will post all results from [BH] matches during the day.)

It was good to catch up with everyone again who come to MPU LAN's and to have a chat and a beer with them. It is also good to go for a wander around the computers and check out what is happening on other peoples screens. This is always a great insight into the many and varied games and graphics that exist in the gaming community. Also a great opportunity to discuss different tactics and perhaps to acquire that certain patch or pic that you may need to complete your own system/archive :)

I would like to thank Malby[iguana] for his help on the day and to all the people I played against, thanks for the games.

All in all another great day was had by all and everyone will now be asking "When is MPU on again?"


Star Date 030499



Originally planned as a GX LAN as welcome to our Melbourne pals the LAN was to be held at [GX]ScatMan's place as he was billeting Ned[..][GX] and BackSlash and [GX]Neddy was coming up as well for Easter. Due to unforseen circumstances [GX]ScatMan had to cancel at the last moment so seeing as how my family were going down south for Easter I suggested we move the LAN to my place.

I also invited a few extras along so in the end we had 20 lanners celebrating the Easter break. The LAN sort of turned into a party as evidenced by the amount of empty beer bottles and bourbon bottles and wine bottles and food dregs that I had to compress into my garbage bin on Sunday. But if I may so, I thought the LAN rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all the players that showed up and I hope you all had a good time. I know that I did. I could go on and tell you all what transpired throughout the day and night and way into the early morning but I think in this instance it is best not committed to public scrutiny. Suffice to say that word of mouth will spread the word that maybe [BH] will be the darkhorse of all Clan wars this year and into the new millennium.

We nearly had all the Generation "X" clan in one place at one time on the weekend alas [GX]pappy couldn't make it has he has a big family with a few youngun's and had plans made for them over Easter. But we won't give up,before we die we will in the future be all to-gether at least once.

Well thats about it, once again thanks to all that turned up and made such a good day of the LAN and I will see everyone on the 10th at MPU


Star Date 010499



To-night was the night to officially welcome home [BH]Chulmago back from spain after 3 months. Organised by his clan The Black Hand of MPU and supported by members of the Quake community.

Attendees were; [GX]Dillon, [GX]Judge, [GX]Loverat, Ned[..] [GX], [GX]Winter, BackSlash (Ned's bed pal and LAN roadie all the way from Melbourne to meet all the[GX] Sydney clan members face to face and to meet some of the Quake community from Sydney too.) [DC]RamboSmurf, [BH]Nmag and his lovely partner Karen, [BH]Sauren and his lovely partner Boo, [BH]Chulmago and his lovely partner Angela, [BH]natslovR, [BH]$hifty, [BH]Iceman,[DG]FiREFlY, Dogma[iguana], Malby[iguana], Garce[iguana], Necro[iguana], Jude[LOA], Chops[VTX], Heywood[MAL], Darksheil[MAL] (sorry bro if I have spelt your name wrong :) ), SurfGuru and his lovely partner Christie, Torch[SAS], Akira[SAS], BuTtHead[FBD] and last but by no means least a new visitor from Adelaide Siloman.

As usual I was early and as requested  from natslovR I was also charged with the responsibility of attaining tables and chairs,no mean feat considering it was the night of the Easter break and the pub was rapidly filling with potential drunks. I was able to get a table for 20 organised and reserved in my name "Dylan" yuk :( nevertheless it was done and I could at least sit done and enjoy a beer before the rest of the rabble turned up. Surprise,surprise,surprise...6.05pm and here was Heywood[MAL] an early attendee and as it transpired he had been here since about 5.00pm and was pretty glad to see a face (albeit an ugly one) he knew.

Pretty soon we were joined by others who had made it through the traffic and had managed to get to the pub pretty close to the official time of 6.30pm. One notable exception was natslovR he the organiser the one who had stressed that we should all be there early as the pub was going to be very busy to-night. He strolled in about 8.00pm mumbling something about cabs.

As earlier mentioned we have Ned[..] [GX] and her bed pal BackSlash visiting from Melbourne on a short holiday and it was great to see that they were having a good time putting faces to names and realising just how ugly some of the guys are. Sorry Ned I guess you have been spoilt meeting me.

Once again the food at the pub was fantastic and I couldn't help myself and had the prawns and scallops with chilli jam as my meal, fair dinkum it was great!!!!! I even convinced several others to try this meal with no complaints at the conclusion of their meals.

It was good to see such a large turn out on the eve of the Easter break and I would like to thank everyone for turning up and I hope you all had a good time. I guess I will next see you all at MPU, so until then have fun and take it anyway you can get it.