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To those of you who've looked around my website in the past, it's always been perhaps a bit gray and excessively Lynx-friendly. That's intentional; I have never really embraced most of the extensions that I've seen over the years for web design. I don't use Javascript, or frames, or Flash, and I refuse to have anything to do with ASP. But it is about time I put some freakin' color on this page...

Who am I?

My name is Brian Connors. I am a Boston College graduate, class of 1998, BS Computer Science. I am a Mac and Linux geek and something of an amateur Open Source activist. I was born 5 November 1975 and have spent pretty much my entire life in the Boston area. Current hobbies include beer, cooking, writing little bits of software (mostly in Perl), and playing guitar; past hobbies include the usual geek suspects such as RPGs and computer gaming. I have long had a fondness for languages and history as well.

I am a licensed amateur radio operator, Technician class, callsign KB1KKC. I'm working on learning the ropes right now. More as I go...

I don't have all that many pictures on my site. Why? I don't get photographed much. It's a strange sort of thing -- the best picture I do have of myself is my senior picture from high school, eight years ago and forty pounds less. I still look more or less the same (with some differences -- short mullet then, just short now; clean-shaven then, goatee now). I'm a hair under 5'8", dark brown hair, brown eyes, a bit chunky but in decent shape. One day I will have a current picture of me up here, but I don't at the moment.

This is what I look like. They are not good pictures, but they were all I could find.

If you're here to see the Off Season TV Page or Washashore Productions, you're in the right place. Ask me about the Off Season Calendar -- I'm compiling it now and would love some help with recipe testing.

I used to work at Starbucks and for the last four years or so I've been maintaining a coffee info page. This is How To Make A Caramel Macchiato, because some people seem to care.

My Geek Code

"We must play our Alma Mater..."
Chuck Berry, "My Ding-a-Ling"

GCS d-(+) s:+>: a- C++ UL++ P++>++++ L++(+++)$ E- W++ N@ o++ K+ w--- !O M++ V- PS@ PE- Y+ PGP- t+++ 5+++ !X R+++@ tv+ b+++ DI+(++++) D+ G e++ h! r y*

If none of this means anything to you, you should go to The Code of the Geeks; you can find a decoder script here. If the Chuck Berry reference makes no sense either, just go find the freakin' song and then consider the sad fact that Chuck, despite being one of the gods of rock guitar (even now), can point to this as his only #1 hit. Ever.

geek code current as of 10 September 2002

How to reach me

I'm not overly fond of giving out my personal information, but if you really need it you can get it off my resume. My personal email address is, and my AIM is tvchef1138. You can also see me at a few other places:

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