var'aq Release Notes

maintained by Brian Connors
revised 5 September 2001

Version Information

This is the status of the var'aq project as of 12 August 2001.

This is the pre-martoq 0.5 release, after the Klingon general who became chancellor after tbe death of Gowron. It is still a work in progress, and the final martoq release package will be available some time in late August or early September.

Status Summary

Lists currently exist, though the file support remains undefined.

Thanks to Jeff Evarts (bug fixes, list support) and Merrick J. Stemens (spec suggestions and an upcoming VB version).

Interpreter Status

The Klingon and English interpreters in the process of being unified; there should be no problems running either type of var'aq program through the interpreter, and since I was a bit lazy about it you can mix and match languages as you choose.

Jeff Evarts has added the basics of list support; big thanks go to him for that.

The following keywords are currently supported:

Implementation Issues and/or Bug Fixes

Specification Status

A few changes:


The varaq-dev mailing list, especially j proctor for his code contributions and Alan Anderson for providing the canonical Klingon math operators, and to Glenn Gaslin for the impetus to finally get this thing out the freakin' door.

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