Proposed Extensions to var'aq

last updated 6 april 2001
This page contains documentation describing proposed extensions to the var'aq programming language. All of what's in here may be considered experimental at best, speculative at worst. None of it will work in the current var'aq interpreter unless specified otherwise on this page. Comments may be directed towards the proposal writer; mailing links will be given in the entry.

The current extension proposals are:

Submissions and Style Considerations

Submissions will not be accepted directly; you should first join the varaq-dev mailing list. Proposals must be plain text or HTML (HTML text should follow the format of the var'aq reference manuals. Proposals will be added to this archive based on whether the rest of us like them. In-character (i.e. written from a Klingon perspective) proposals are encouraged; Klingon-language proposals are especially encouraged but should be accompanied by an English translation.

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