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Dr. Mid-Nite with pal, Hooty (National) Stardust, the Super Wizard (Fox) Doc Savage [aka Dr. Clark Savage, Jr.] (Pulps) Capt Satan (Pulps) The Spider, Master of Men (Pulps) The Bouncer (Fox)

Welcome to the wonderful world of Micro Heroes. This site features a veritable cavalcade of famous Golden Age comic book Heroes and not-so-famous obscure comic book Zeroes.

There's plenty of Golden Age history to learn here! Whether they're old favorites or complete strangers, check out each and every entry in Copper's Golden Age Heroes and Zeroes! Enjoy!

--Copper email Copper

Characters portrayed for non-commercial historical educative purposes only and are property of their respective copyright & trademark owners. Website owner not liable for supervillains escaping Copper Zone and wreaking havoc on Earth.


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