*NEW Endangered Phoenix   Fairly recent site, with lots of new texts, constantly updated, on various histories of class struggle, critiques of culture, of daily life, of war and of politics.

No War but the Class War   London based group opposing war on a class basis - very good collection of texts on historical working class resistance to war and leaflets dealing with contemporary struggles.

Revolt Against An Age of Plenty   New site containing a number of texts not online elsewhere - and the promise of more to come.

Love and Treason   Kevin Keating's site - a number of excellent texts online, including 'Harass the Brass'

CRAC - Centro di Ricerca per l´┐ŻAzione Comunista Site for CRAC - lots of good historical and contemporary material for those who can handle Italian

Aufheben Very intersting Autonomist influenced group

68-77 gruppi e movimenti si raccontano... Massive Archive of Italian texts,documents,songs, photos etc from the struggle '68-'77. Worth learning Italian for.

Aut-Op-Spy Site and discsusion list for exploring the "changing nature of class composition and class struggle within the planetary work machine". Good links and online texts. Italian version exists here

Undercurrent Sort of more polemical version of Aufheben

Black Star North Interesting Anarchist mag,tending more to the insurrectionist/anti-tech. view.

Bolsheviks in the Russian revolution - how the revolution degeneratedExcellent collection of articles by some of the best social historians of the revolution.

troploin La Banquise texts,and newer articles from Gilles Dauve.French/English/German

Wildcat Site of German group with a lot of material available,mostly in German so far but English material is added.(Very good texts on 35 hour week and working time reduction/guaranteed income).

Hot lines Site for Hotlines(German and english)leaflets,discussions on call-centres/working conditions etc,and Zona Industriale(Italian only)bulletin of Precari-Nati .

Northeastern Federation of Anarchist Communists (NEFAC) Extremely encouraging North American initiative placing emphasis on "the need for more theoretical coherence, tactical unity and collective responsibility within the growing anarchist movement".

thrall Anarchist collective in Wellington and Christchurch, Aotearoa/New Zealand.Anarchist communism, anarcho-syndicalism, situationism and council communism are their major influences,but they prefer to use 'class struggle anarchism'to describe the result of those influences.On-line versions of magazine and links to influential texts.Very interesting.

The Red Thread Homepage of Love and Rage Collective in Canberra,organised around Situ/libertarian/surrealist 'politics'.Archive,PDF versions of Journal'THIS IS NOT a commodity',detourned graphics etc.

Red and Black Notes Webpage of Canadian based Libertarian Socialist newsletter with "lingering sympathies" for the Council Communist tradition.Articles,reviews etc

Claustrophobia Excellent Anarchist group based in Baltimore,involved in a variety of struggles.A great deal of high quality material is available on their site.

P> Collective Action Notes Great (and large) collection of class struggle Anarchist and council communist texts,including A Ballad of Work

Antagonism Anti capitalist & anti state struggle, for world human community,including the highly influential Eclipse and Re-emergence of the Communist Movement

Anarchist FederationBritish Anarchists,previously known as 'Anarchist Communist Federation',influences ranging from Council Communism to the 'organisational' anarchist current(Platform/Fontennis etc).

Break Their Haughty Power Collection of the Loren Goldner's books,articles and essays--Highly recomended

Aufheben Very intersting Autonomist influenced group

John Gray Excellent collection of Council/Autonomist/Left Communist Texts

Subversion No longer existing British group,but site still added to.Contains a wide selection of council communist and Anti-parliamentarism material

Bureau of Public Secrets Ken Knabbs S.I anthology and related pieces

Anarchist Archives

Marxist Internet Archive

Left Wing Communism-An Infantile Disorder? Large collection of Left/Council Communist Texts in various languages,including whole text of Philippe Bourrinet's book THE 'BORDIGIST' CURRENT 1919-1999 Italy, France, Belgium.Very interesting

Spunk Press Large on-line archive of Anarchist material

Kurasje Council Communism in various languages

Midnight Notes Autonomist Journal

Undercurrent Sort of more polemical version of Aufheben

Black Flag British syndicalists who always deliver a good clear class analysis

Commodity Fetish Times

Situationist International Online Comprehensive collection of Situ.,Cobra,Lettrist texts.

The Bad Days Will End Situ/Council Communist site/Newsletter

Killing King Abacus Insurrectionary Anarchism

Wage slave X Revolutionary Anti-Capitalism from a Communist Left perspective

Anti-Capital Web Various texts,including The poor, the bad and the angry#1-2 and Against Sleep And Nightmare#1-6

Commie Zero Zero Interesting Libertarian Communist site,looking for a connecting points between Anarchism and Marxisms more progressive currents.Also some genuinly interesting poems.

Workers Solidarity Movement Irish Platformists Series of (Situ-influenced?)investigations into contemporary life

Cajo Brendel`s Homepage Veteran Council Communist's site-Dutch/German

Libertarian Communist Home Page

Not Bored! Anarchist/situ stuff,with excellent 3 part piece on the relationship between Castoriadis and the S.I

News and Letters Marxist-humanists drawing on the ideas of Marx and Raya Dunayevskaya

Situationist International Online

commi-hiphopPolitical Hip-Hop from the US and Sweden

Commie Links Comprehensive set of links,from Trots to Ultra-left sites.Parties,Journals,mailing lists,sites etc

Pravda o Kronshtadte (The Truth About Kronstadt)


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