Unions Against Revolution

From the original pamphlet:

Unions Against Revolution is a translation of a work by G. Munis Written in 1960 and reprinted in France after the events of May 1968. The English version appearing here is from Internationalism No.3, P.O. Box 961, 365 W 725 St, NY, NY 70027. It was followed by a rejoinder by Judith Allen,excerpts from which are reprinted through-out this pamphlet. Organized Labor versus "The Revolt Against Work" by John Zerzan appeared in the Fall 1974 issue of Telos, Communication for the author may be sent in care of: Upshot, P.O. Box 26135, Los Angeles CA 90026. The people who took part in the production of the present work are neither publishers who invested capital in order to profit from the sale of a commodity on the book market, nor wage workers who produced a commodity in order to be paid for their time.

Unions Against Revolution-G.Munis  

Rejoinder-J. Allen  

Organised Labor Versus "The Revolt Against Work"-J. Zerzan 

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The Refusal of Work at the Collective Actionwebsite contains a wide ranging discussion of Zerzan's contribution.

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