Armoria corporativa
Corporate arms in South Africa

Arms of statutory councils, professional associations, private associations and business corporations

SA Pharmacy CouncilPharmaceutical Society of SALivingstone HospitalGroote Schuur Hospital

Many of the organisations whose arms will in due course be listed in this section include in their names the words “South African” or “of South Africa”. As is usual in this country, these words appear, in this index at any rate, abbreviated to “SA”. These initials are used in other countries with other meanings, for instance “South Australia” in Australia, or “Société Anonyme” in French-speaking countries, but in South Africa the usual meaning is the country’s name.

SA Broadcasting Corporation

Bureau of Heraldry, Pretoria

Heraldry Society of Southern Africa

Knights of Da Gama

Livingstone Hospital

Pharmaceutical Society of SA

Rand Water Board

Standard Bank of SA

Knights of da GamaSA Broadcasting CorporationNational Sports CouncilBureau of HeraldryRand Water BoardBuilding Industries Federation of South AfricaStandard Bank of SA

Historical Society of SAHeraldry Society of Southern AfricaEastern Province Children’s ChoirSA Akademie vir Wetenskap en KunsRoyal School of Church MusicPhilatelic Federation of SA


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