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This poem was written for a girl I dated who suffered terrible pain from endometriosis, a type of chronic internal bleeding of the uterus and female reproductive tract. She told me that sex to orgasm was a well known treatment to reduce endometrial uterine pain. We're talking about something much worse than regular menstrual cramps. However, she said she was also allergic to latex condoms, and was worried about the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases. So, for the couple of months it took to get definitive AIDS test results, our relationship, while it was quite romantic in some ways, was limited to very heavy petting. Notice this poem works as 3 different poems -- either the 2 poems "Live With It" and "Suction," or the single poem "Live With It Suction." When I read it to the young lady, she really liked it, even got maybe a bit teary-eyed."I guess you understand better than I gave you credit for." Unfortunately, this very sexy young woman was bisexual, and refused to stop fooling around with women while dating me. "I don't mind if you date men," she said. "But I don't *want* to date men!" I protested. So it came to be that, though I thought she was wonderful -- I'd had a crush on her from afar for years before she propositioned me at goth bar -- we never actually had sex, and though I got to help relieve her pain many times, I was left "winding tighter" and tighter, and never got complete satisfaction...

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poem written by JASON PAUL FOX.
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