Everything is edged-
even reflections cut.
Glimmer is glitter in
such cruelty.
A black cat flashes
emerald eyes under
the traffic.
I, incredulous,
seethe through the
skeptical masses,
my identity protected
in a black mask.
So real the cars exist,
crushed in the rush
I sneer, one shadow
stalking night in the realm
of scrutiny.

By Jason Paul Fox


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poem written by JASON PAUL FOX.
You MUST credit my authorship when reproducing this poem in any way!
Creative Commons License
Violators are prosecuted, no joke!
I'm living off the generosity of plagiarists now!
(It's OK to give my poem to friends or people at school, if you credit me and don't make money off it)

copyright 2007 Jason Paul Fox